bCast Suite Review 2021 Audio and Podcast Marketing Platform

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In today’s date, podcast is one of the best mediums of communication. It is the fastest growing method to reach out to people. Many Podcast platforms are being used by the Creators to promote their content like Google Podcast, Anchor, and spotify etc.

If you have been looking for a new audio and podcast software, then this article is for you. Bcast Suite is the World’s first Platform to Create, Curate and Promote Podcast for Newbies and Business Owners. It is powerful, and an all in one solution for you which is powered by Cloud technology.

This sotware provides the three special benefits:

  • Create original podcasts for you or your clients
  •  Create content, recording voice-overs or use our AI voice over technology
  • Automatically share your podcast to the TOP 20 podcast platforms.

BCast Suite Review In today’s guide I will cover all the information in detail regarding bCast Suite like how it works, live demo, features and benefits, pros & cons, OTO/upsell details, and huge bonuses details.

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BCast Suite Review – An Overview

  • Creator: Abhi and Neil
  • Product: bCast Suite
  • Pre-Launch Date: 24 April 2021 and ends on 27 April
  • Launch Date: 27 April 2021
  • Launch time: 11 AM ET/NY
  • Closing date: 3rd May, midnight ET/NY
  • Refund: 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Pricing: $77 OneTime
  • Official website: Click Here
  • Bonus: Special Bonuses Are Available

If you are keeping up with the latest news in the market, then you’ll know that audio marketing is on the rise and if you and your customers want to utilize the power of audio marketing the bCaste Suite is exactly needed. This product will make podcasting very easy.

When it comes to podcasting it seems to be very cumbersome and a tiresome process bCast Suite puts things in such a way where everything can be done in minutes.

So, what you are waiting for, take action now and just see how the software is actually performing.

Table of Content –

Let’s jump into the bCast Suite Review.

What is bCast Suite?

bCast Suite is the world’s first platform to create, curate & promote Podcasts for Newbies and Business Owners. It is the most powerful as well as a complete set of tools which help users to drive more traffic and generate leads or sales.

With the help of bCast Suite:

You can create original and valuable podcasts for yourself and as well as for your clients

You can create content easily or record voice – covers in 107 different languages for any niche or use Artificial intelligence voice over technology.

You can share your podcasts to various top podcast platforms like Spotify, itunes and many more without hosting costs.

You can multiply your traffic and earn more and you can build strong relationships with your audience.

Isn’it a great deal? You can avail all these in just simple steps  and a couple of minutes at a very reasonable price.

With this, you will surely be able to save some money, bCast Suite Discount is here for you, get it now

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bCast Suite Coupon “podcast” for $20 Discount

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About ABHI and NEIL , creators of bCast Suite software

ABHI and NEIL are online marketers and software developers. 10,000s of customers are actively using and getting benefits from their products.

They have been marketing online for many years and have done multiple six-figure product launches and webinar promos, across many platforms, such as JVZoo, PayKicKStart and many others.

Their products deliver real life results and their support team is 24/7 available to help the users wherever they are stuck and helps them in achieving more.

How does bCast Suite work?

In this bCast Suite Review I have covered the working of this software. You have to follow these easy and simple steps to create your own podcast for any niche.

Step #1

Login to your dashboard

Step #2

Search the topics on which you want to make your podcast episodes.

Step #3

You’ll see all the videos related to that topic you can choose any video and then click on create post

Step #4

Your script is ready, you can make changes and then click on spin content for a unique script.

Step #5

Select the part from your script which you want to convert into podcast episodes then go to bVoices and paste it there.

Step #6

Click on preview – save – download the file.

Step #7

Then go to bCast and click on create podcast and fill out the form.

Step #8

Your podcast is ready.

With these simple steps, you can easily create podcasts with this smart and powerful bCast Suite software and can customize anything according to your need.

Just watch bCast Suite Live Working

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bCast Suite Coupon “podcast” for $20 Discount

Get this amazing podcast software at $77 One time payment

bCast Suite Review- Features & Benefits

Newbie-friendly: bCast Suite is a newbie-friendly audio and podcast marketing platform, where you can use AI voices which make it easier for anybody to create any type of content, podcasts/ voiceovers.

😎 No need to create content or do voice over: you can create your highly valuable own podcast like a pro in just minutes without any skills and experience, you don’t need to waste your precious time in creating content and voiceovers, no need to start from scratch bVoice and bContent will do it for you.

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Who can use the bCast Suite?

In this honest bCast Review I have also covered who can use this software. It is very essential to know that for whom this software is specially made and who can take full advantage of this bCast Suite. This software is perfect for all experts in the field of Digital Marketing.

bCast Suite also gives a large bonuses with this software, check this link to know more about them.

Here is the list of experts who can use this powerful software:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Agency owners
  • Podcasters
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Local Marketers
  • Trainers
  • Influencers
  • Motivational speakers
  • Educational organizations
  • Teachers
  • Content creators

 bCast Suite Review Pros & Cons


  • All- in- one podcasting marketing solution
  • Flexible search
  • Easily customization
  • Automatic conversion into audio
  • No credit system and API needed
  • Over 461 voiceovers and 107 different languages
  • Download voices easily
  • Publish podcast on top 20 podcasting platforms


  • Cloud-based app
  • The support system does not respond sometimes
  • Research of podcast technology is not so good.
  • Publishing tools doesn’t mean that your podcast will go viral.

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bCast Suite Coupon “podcast” for $20 Discount

Get this amazing podcast software at $77 One time payment

Tell me in the comment section whether this bCast Suite Review was helpful or not.

Buy bCast Suite Audio and Podcast Marketing Software Now at the Best Price!


OTO #1: bCast Suite unlimited

Price – $197 Yearly
2nd – $297 Yearly

bcast suite oto 4
  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited Content
  • Unlimited Voice
  • Bonus: More Bandwidth
  • Bonus: More Transcription

OTO #2: bCast Suite Business

Price – $67 OneTime

  • DFY Business Website
  • Lead Finder
  • Agreements
  • Promotional Material

OTO #3: BCast Suite Whitelabel

Price – $197

  • Custom Domains
  • Use your own logo
  • Deliver as a branded service

OTO #4: PodReel

Price – $67

  • Upload Mp3 files up to 100 MB
  • Resize/Trim Audio file
  • Add Transcribe Caption on the Video Podcast
  • 50+ Languages to choose for the transcribe/captions
  • Add podcast background colour
  • Add custom Waveforms on the video Podcast
  • Add custom progress bar on the video
  • Add and position an Image on the video podcast
  • Add and position text on the video podcast
  • Add Logo on the Podcast
  • Generate mp4 Podcast in different Aspect Ratios

Why bCast Suite:

·   Audio Marketing is on rise and if you want to use the power of audio marketing then this bCast Suite is made for you. You can also provide podcasting services to your clients in the easiest way.

·   A PODCAST is a much more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. It is very easy to attract customers through podcasting rather than the written content; it saves time for the user.

·   People will get a better and deeper understanding of your values and how you run your business.

·   According to the report, podcasts users are consistently increasing day by day. Around 55% of Americans listen to the podcast.

·   BCast Suite can be used with ANY NICHE. Whatever you are interested in, related to any field or background ,can become a podcast. You can even create one that has recurring paid subscribers.

·   It can be used by a variety of experts like digital marketers, agency owners, trainers, entrepreneurs and many more.

·   Podcasting helps in raising brand awareness.

·   It is an all-in-one podcast marketing solution.

·   Anyone can create content, create podcasts/ voiceovers and promote or share your podcasts on top 20 different podcasting platforms, even a new person who has entered in the field of audio marketing or podcasting.

·   One can easily make money by finding and creating quality content in whatever you interest is.

·   24/7 customer support is also available. You can easily take help or queries from the support team whenever you are stuck.

Anyone who buys this software will have access to three powerful tools or apps which are – bContent, bVoice and bCast. You can generate any type of content or podcasts automatically in minutes with just a few clicks. Dashboard is very easy to handle.

You  are new in the field of podcasting or audio marketing? No worries, this software is made specially for you.

bCast Suite Review– Conclusion

As you all know bCast Suite app is all in one podcasting marketing solution. The great thing is that you don’t need to create anything from scratch. You can easily create content automatically and can convert your content into podcasts which will save a lot of time as well as efforts. There is no requirement of any skill or experience to create podcasts.

According to me, this bCast Suite software is very essential and must have software for everyone who are in the digital marketing field and every type of organization and every individual who wants to grow their business and generate more traffic and leads. You can get this software at a very pocket-friendly price.

We have also provided a coupon code ”podcast” make sure you use it at the time of checkout.

So, hurry up! Don’t wait, just go for this software and grab the offers available.

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