Do women like beards? – 17 reasons why girls prefer beards

Do women like beards? This is the most common question of men before starting to grow a beard. The answer to this question is positive, most of the women like bearded guys and there are many reasons why they prefer it.

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Welcome back to your own platform I always try my best to give you the best ideas and suggestions as per my knowledge and experience. Today we’ll discuss Do women like beards? – 17 reasons why girls prefer beards. There are many reasons why girls prefer beards the most.

This post does not criticize the guys who have light stubble. This is just for giving a general idea about what women think about beards and after all, everybody is just perfect in their own way. There is not any need to change you for someone else.

Do women like beards?

Yes, mostly they do!

But the fact is not all the girls are the same. Not every girl like a clean shave face and not every girl like a full thick beard.

But a man with shirts buttoned up and wearing a three-piece navy blue suit and an add on feature, beards are love.

Do women like beards

Bearded men are the weakness of some women. Here are many reasons why women like beards and you should keep it anyway. Let’s explore the reasons in brief –

17 Reason Why girls prefer beards

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about why girls like beards on men-

1) Bearded men have more patience

Bearded men have normally more patience than others because if a man is patient enough to grow beards then he has enough patience to deal with all your bullshit. Marry him.

They can handle the situation and you more patiently and calmly. They are not short-tempered types.

Do women like beards

2) Women prefer beards more than moustaches

According to a study of a survey conducted by, it was found over 60% of women consider beards attractive.

In the survey, 2500 women were invited and 1500 ladies voted for beards rather than moustaches. Girls like a bearded man more than moustaches or clean shave faces.

Do women like beards

3) Beards make attractive to a guy

Beards give a different look to a guy. It makes them much more attractive than a clean face. It helps them to build a reputation and an authority in any field. Then why will not girls like beards?

4) Beards show Masculinity

Women who view a man with beards to be not only more masculine but more confident, committed and sincere than the men who don’t have facial hair.

After all facial hair is the genetic proof of masculinity. Bearded guy looks a real man.

5) Bearded man prove better fathers

Women consider bearded men can prove better fathers for daughters especially. Not because they are much more masculine than others but there are many reasons like

  • They can protect better,
  • They’re more serious,
  • They are much sincere,
  • They’re connected to social awareness.
Do women like beards

6) Beards look really sexy

Beards look really sexy. The guys with beards are really impressive for a girl. It helps you to attract her to you.

7) It builds greater intimacy

Beards help to build greater intimacy between you and your partner. This creates more interest and romance between you. This can help you to grow your relationship more strong.

Do women like beards

8) Bearded man provide nice date ideas

Bearded men are the most romantic kind of guys. Their minds are so creative and they know very well what a woman wants. Some of their ideas of planning a date are just outstanding nobody can beat them. They are just fabulous in planning date for a girl.

9) Beards are fun to kiss

When you really feel something for anybody and you want to kiss then the facial hair of beards don’t interrupt you. You just go with the motion and enjoy the feeling. Many women love to kiss the bearded man.

10) Ginger bearded man, such a rare piece

Ginger bearded guys are the rarest and expansive forms of men. Many women like ginger beards and they are hard to find you get one keep him.

Do women like beards

11) Beards are the foundation

Just as like girls do makeup on their faces, beards are the permanent makeup on the face for guys. This shows how dedicated a man is.

12) Stubble is for flings, beards are for a lifetime commitment

According to a study all the beards are not deemed equal. Beards can be of three kinds-

  • Light stubble (5+ days of growth)
  • Heavy stubble (10+ days of growth)
  • Full thick beards

In that study, 8520 women were divided into three groups to check which is the most preferable beard and then they were shown pictures of men with different volume of facial hair.

After looking at images the conclusion was that the men with light stubble are good for a one-night stand but a man with full beards are most appealing for a long term commitment and as a father for their children.

Do women like beards

13) Beards give a royal look

If we go in history we’ll see that men with beards considered powerful, strong and potent.

Every king or any powerful person in history had beards because beards give a royal look to a man. That’s why women like beards.

14) Beards imply trustworthiness

A man with beards is considered a trustworthy person by women. They can keep promises forever. The guys with beards you can trust.

15) A man with a beard is deemed a good protector

A woman considers a bearded man is a good protector and they can start a family with them. She knows that he’ll always protect her and her daughter from all the evil eyes.

Do women like beards

16) First impression matters

After wearing a beard, you are more likely to give a good impression to the women and there are high chances that she’ll be impressed. If you have facial hair then you meet her she will find you more trustworthy, committed, honest, and respectable.

17) They are more independent

Bearded men are very independent types they just do whatever they want to. They will remain loyal to you but it not compulsory that they will always agree with you. Because they believe to live their life as they want.

All girls are not the same but these facts shared by me are much true about those women who like bearded men. I hope you liked the article on “Do women like beards? – 17 reasons why girls prefer beards”. I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps, impress your love and make your relationship healthy, strong and evergreen.

Let me know what you think about beards whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

Thank you very much for giving me your precious time for reading this article, see you soon in my next article till then Keep loving keep supporting keep sharing! Have a wonderful day.

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