15 Do’s & 10 Don’ts to Cope with Breakup- 6 Reasons Why People Change & Leave

Did you break up? Suffering from the pain of heartbreak? Let me try to do something for you. Today I’ll share “15 Do’s & 10 Don’ts to Cope with Breakup- 6 Reasons Why People Change & Leave”.

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You’re most welcome once again to your own platform girlsdunia.com. I always try my best to give you some pieces of advice from my experience. I really hope my posts help you somewhere today we’ll discuss some do’s and don’ts to cope with a breakup and why people change and leave.

Breakups hurt a lot and they can ruin and disturb your life. The most interesting thing is you are unable to do anything for yourself. It’s very much OK to be sad when people change and leave but it’s not OK to get sad over and over again with the same kind of stuff. Let’s discuss that may help you-

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What is a Breakup?

A breakup means the separation of two people who love each other or maybe loved each other. It is a kind of termination of a healthy or loving relationship by any means other than death.

This may happen due to dumping someone or due to any other means. Young couple nowadays makes relationships but they are can’t handle them that’s the main reason why breakups occur.

15 Do’s- You must DO!

Some things you must do to overcome a breakup. You need to do these things if you actually want to get over a breakup-

1. Do things you love

After a heartbreak, it’s quite difficult to get excited about the things you love but trust me this is the best option to avoid all these. Force yourself to go outside and enjoy as you used to do before.

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2. Remind yourself about the great thing in your life

Remind yourself time to time about the great things of your life and for the one who left, you can’t lose who are with you at now. You have a lot of people who love you so much you just have to take care of them instead of the one who left.

3. Get active

Go for walk, exercise or yoga daily but don’t do over-exercise. Don’t let your energy down. Keep yourself active, make your life more interesting than more and start living it to it’s fullest.

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4. Take care of your body

Self-care is the best healing process to overcome this. Many people start hurting themselves for the one who never cared about them. But you don’t have to do all this, just follow your regular routine and don’t change it for anybody. Eat food on time and other necessary things.

5. Write everything on a paper then burn it

Whatever you’re feeling right now, just write everything on a piece of paper and then burn it. It will give you great relief and if you’re not satisfied with it then call your ex, speak everything out and don’t give him even a chance to speak. This will help you for sure.

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6. Remind yourself you still have a future

When you commit to another person, you create many hopes and dreams for a life together. But you have to think that when they were not with you, that moment also you had a life and nothing much is changed now, you have the same opportunities, the same future the need is to focus.

7. Cry alone as much as you want

Crying is never been a bad thing. Sometimes it’s good because when you don’t want to share your emotions with somebody then this is the best option. But remember one thing the day you cried the most for them must be the last day of your crying, after this you’ll never cry for the same reason again.

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8. Stay active socially

This is the best way to be happy. You can join any NGO or other social hubs and visit some places then you’ll see that there are people who don’t have anything and still they’re happy and you’ve everything and still you’re crying. Spread the happiness to those kids and you’ll also feel great.

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9. Take time

There is no hurry, you may take sufficient to get yourself out of all this. But remember don’t take too much time that after this you just have a choice to regret.

10. Stay positive

Take some positive vibes from the positive kind of people, keep a distance from negative people. The best way to live with a positive attitude is to read the biographies of some successful people because they all started from very short and today their achievement is known by all.

11. Meet new people & Move on

Go outside, meet new people, make new friends. Life is not meant to stop it says just keep moving just as the water of a river that never stops. Move on is the last option to heal the pain of the breakup and when people change.

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12. Keep yourself busy

Set high goals and then you have to work hard for them. Just forget all the fuck happened with you in your past, remember one thing what and how to achieve.

13. Delete contacts from everywhere including memories

Delete them from everywhere, social media, contact list, what’s app chat and even from your memories. Accept the thing they don’t care for you then why should you?

14. Eat more

Psychology discovered eating helps to avoid stress and especially sweet dishes. So eat your favorite dishes with your family or friends. It will be a great time you’ll spend with them. But don’t overeat, that can fall you ill.

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15. Discover the “you” again

You lost yourself for loving someone and still, they don’t care then it’s not your fault. Try to accept it the one who left you was never yours because if he or she was yours then he would never leave you. So just meet with you once again and love yourself.

10 Don’ts- You should never DO!

Things you should never do while suffering from a breakup or when people change-

1. Don’t overthink

Don’t think too much about them. Overthinking can kill the inner you and you can’t do this with yourself. You just keep yourself busy with your work, family, and friends. Don’t give even a single minute to think about them.

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2. Don’t read old chats

This memory is ever-lasting. You can easily know in chats that how a person can change so quickly. These chats are obviously very hurting but also it keeps you remind never trust people so early. They can ruin you and yeah if possible then delete them and if not then don’t read often.

3. Don’t go through with all this alone

Share your feelings with someone and talk everything out. Suffering alone is not a good option so you can discuss this with your friends.

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4. Don’t hurt yourself

Hurting yourself is a kind of mental disorder. Never do this shit with yourself. Try to face the world, keep yourself strong. Hurting yourself will never give you any solution.

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5. Don’t check their live status again & again

Usually, people check last seen or status again and again even I do this but if you check all this then they’re not going to message you so don’t keep this fake hope and stop doing all these rubbish things.

6. Don’t impatient

Everything that is happening with you is for a good reason so don’t lose hope, have some patience everything will be all right very soon.

7. Don’t go over them again & again

If they don’t need you then don’t beg for LOVE. This is something we can’t force and if you go to them over and over again then this will affect your self-respect nothing else.

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8. Don’t go public

Never advertise your emotions to people, social media, Internet by posting sad status an all. Trust me nobody actually cares, they just show off to care but in reality, they just enjoy the entertainment.

9. Don’t make the same mistake in future

You know what let me tell you a small fact with deep meaning-

Make mistakes for a thousand times but never make the same mistake again, just learn from your mistakes and improve it. And after all, if you’ve never made any mistake in life it means you never tried something new so it’s good to make mistakes.

10. Don’t rebound so quickly

Rebound is not a bad thing and in fact, it is a very good thing but the time of rebound must also be right. Make sure you give sufficient time to recover before you jump back on the same horse. Live singles life and enjoy it.

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Don’t lose excitement in your life

Never get bored with your life, there is so much interesting to do in life and life is a full package of opportunities you just need to grab it and utilize it.

6 Real Reasons WHY people change & LEAVE

People change because they didn’t come to stay because you are not their final destination you are just a place to stay for some nights-

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People always leave even those who said they never would.

1. They’ve known a lot about you

This is the most common reason why people change because as much as things you tell them they’ll start irritating with the same stuff again and again. Also when the purpose is to leave then what else is needed.

2. You had given more time and attention to them

You have given more time and attention to a person and they don’t even deserve but still, you gave. This makes people change and also they decide to leave.

3. You told them about your weaknesses

This is the most important reason why people change and leave. You tell them your weaknesses and then they become the leaders of your life and they start using your weaknesses against you or in short, they start dominating over you.

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4. They’re not interested in you anymore

They are bored with you and they need something new and more interesting than you. They have lost their interest in you and even they don’t want to rebuild it.

5. They’ve got better than you

This is the most common reason people change when they get new close friends and deem them better than you. Then they decide to leave you.

Don’t be too confident when someone tells you they like you. Ask them, until when? Because if people can change so quickly then why can’t feelings change?

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Best relationships always bring out the best in you. All relations are not perfect but healthy relations bring you up not down. Always love your partner. I hope you liked the article on “15 Do’s & 10 Don’ts to Cope with Breakup- 6 Reasons Why People Change & Leave”. I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps of rules for the relationship, express love and make your relationship healthy, strong and evergreen.

Let me know what problem you’re facing in your relationship whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

Thank you very much for giving me your precious time for reading this article, see you soon in my next article till then Keep loving keep supporting keep sharing! Have a wonderful day.

Now you have taken this knowledge about why people change so let your friends improve their relationship better so share this with them.

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