41+ Tremendous First Date Ideas 2019- Some Useful Tips for the First Date

Not getting a perfect place for the first date? Let’s figure it out, I shared some perfection location for your first date along with some useful tips for your special day.

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What is the first date?

A first date is a kind initial meeting between two people, where they spend time, share memories together and ask about each other and know if they can live together in a relationship. It is special for all because they meet their partner or future partner for the first time like this.

first date

I have categorized these ideas into five categories for your ease. You may check according to your need or want:-

  • I. Romantic date
  • II. Adventurous date
  • III. Funny date
  • IV. Unique date
  • V. Cute date

I. Romantic date

1. Spend time under stars

You both together and the sky full of stars. Looks romantic!  Isn’t it? It is really a perfect option to spend an evening together.

first date

2. Get a couple’s massage

This is one of the most exclusive ideas on this list. You may go and relax sitting on a bench near a river or lake. Also, you can share thousands of feelings together.

3. Play truth and dare

To know better each other you may play a truth and dare game. In this game, you will get to know more about them and you can give cute dares each other.

first date

4. Ice cream parlor

You may go to an ice cream parlor and can have the ice-creams of one another’s choice. It will be a great time together.

first date

5. Local tea stall

This one is the oldest idea for a romantic date. You may go to a local tea stall and can share some unforgetful memories together.

6. Long drive

Long drives are always romantic. The main purpose of a long drive is to spend quality time together, it’s not compulsory that you must have a luxurious car, you may go on the bike and even on cycle.

first date

7. Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset together with a lot of cute talks is love. This will be the most beautiful evening of your life.

first date

8. Hill station

Hilly areas are the most romantic places and the best option for your first date. Go to a hill station and enjoy the weather, the view, and your togetherness.

first date

9. Boating

You may go for boating on a beautiful lake and can spend a nice time together.

first date

10. Night out

You go for a party, walk or anything else at night. Night plans are also very romantic to execute.

first date

11. Cuddling theatres

In cuddling theatres, there are recliners in place of chairs. These are the most romantic places to go for a date in these theatres.

first date

II. Adventurous date

12. Go Zip lining

Zip lining is the activity of fly in air through a stainless cable over the view of the lake. If you are not scared about these junky activities then it will a great experience for both of you.

first date

13. Sky diving or Bungee jumping

It’s jumping from a tall structure that is connected to a large elastic cord. This one is a little risky but you can try this and just trust each other, it will be a nice jump.

first date

14. Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stay away from in a shelter such as a tent in the jungle or near any river.  This is the most romantic plus adventurous date.

first date
Camping at lake and beautiful sunset

15. Paragliding

Paragliding is the ultimate feeling of a bird. It is not popular in India but over some years it is increasing. You may go for it.

first date

16. Roller coaster

Roller coaster is a type of an amusement ride and there many other kinds of rides in amusement parks. You may try them also.

first date

17. Ice Skating

Ice skating is the self-propulsion of a person across a sheet of metal on the ice surface. Try it with holding hands.

first date

18. Rock climbing

In this activity, you have to climb up and down in the mountains. This is also a thrilling activity you may go for.

first date

19. Horse riding

The horses are used for horse riding. These are the source of income for many people at many places you may Go for it.

first date

III. Funny date

20. Go to Zoo and hang out with a tiger

This is the best option for the one who loves animals. You can visit a zoo and hang out with a tiger and other animals.

first date

21. Try on funky clothes that you don’t wear normally

Try some different and most ridiculous clothes that you can never wear normally, it will be the funniest moment.

22. Do each other’s makeup

This will be fun together. You may go to a contest or a parlor just to do the makeup of each other.

23. Explore a national park or state park

National parks are easiest to reach, you may go for it and have a nice walk together.

first date

24. Go to a local fest or fair

Many fests and fairs are organized in every city. You may visit them and spend some time there.

25. Go bowling

This one is quite different for the first date and it is more exciting so can try bowling.

first date

26. Game zone

If you both like games then go for it and have fun.

IV. Unique date

27. Go to a village

This is the most unique idea for the first date. You can visit a village near your location and it will be a great experience for both of you.

first date

28. Dance class

You may join a dance class and learn to dance together. It may be the most appropriate date who love dancing.

first date

29. Play badminton in the park

Going back to childhood is love. Play badminton and create memories together.

30. Go to an orphan home

This can be a great start for your new relationship. Go to an orphan home and spread happiness there.

31. Go donate blood together

Saving another’s life is one of the most difficult tasks and you can do together for a new start.

first date

32. Visit some historical places

Historical places seem different than other location and you can give it a try to them.

33. Paint together

Have some colors and paintbrushes, then start making portraits and have fun.

first date

34. Amusement Park or waterpark

You may visit an amusement park or a waterpark. You can do any type of activity there.

first date

V. Cute date

35. Cook together

This will be the best time of your life that you’ll spend together. Cooking food together is a really cute moment you’ll spend.

first date

36. Pillow fight in your room

Pillow fights are always cute and sweet. An awesome memory of your life that will last forever.

first date

37. Go to a Coffee shop

You may visit a coffee shop and talk a lot about yourself.

first date

38. Make cute videos together

You may do many silly things and this may be one of them. Make cute videos together and create memories.

39. Go get henna tattoos together

You may make each other’s name of your hands or any kind of cute tattoo with henna.

first date

40. Go for a Movie

You may watch a movie together. You’ll spend a great time with each other.

first date

41. DJ night

Go to a DJ night, dress nicely, dance together and enjoy these cute moments.

42. Candlelight dinner

You may go to a nice restaurant and have a candlelight dinner together.

first date

10 Tips for your First date

  • You don’t need any special preparation for it, just go the same way you are.
  • Choose the right place for your first date.
  • Start a conversation and share your feelings with each other.
  • Ordering the same food helps in Trust building
  • Take something with you just for the sake of memory, any gift, chocolates, anything of your choice.
  • Just give attention to each other and don’t care unnecessarily. 
  • Science has investigated that eating the same food builds trust and closeness between people.
  • Have fun together, do whatever you both like.
  • Just take care of each other and notice every move.
  • The main tip is to be together and spend a nice time.

I hope you liked this article on “41 Tremendous First Date Ideas 2019- Some Useful Tips for the First Date. I always try my best to give you ideas from the best of my knowledge and experience. Plan your date, Express love and make your relationship more healthy, strong and long-lasting.

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