Serial Gossip Girl-11 Facts Why Girls Watch So Many TV Shows in India

Want to know why girls watch so many TV serials and what they gossip about them? Then you’re in the right place. Let me make this more clear to you.

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So what is the craze of watching serial? Today we’ll talk about the madness of the girls for watching TV shows and some facts about gossip girl. The girls are so crazy about watching the serial as any boy is crazy for his cricket match, as any small child is crazy for milk or as any bull is crazy to hit, after watching a red cloth.

It basically means a girl can leave anything or any of her work but she can’t leave her serial for anything until or unless she is not tangled with many responsibilities.

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Why Girls Watch So Many Serials?

Here are some reasons and some true facts about why girls watch too many TV shows:-

  1. Entertainment

Girls watch serials just for the sake of entertainment. Just like boys watch cricket matches and girls watch TV shows but it doesn’t mean that girls can’t understand cricket, it’s just that they don’t want to watch it. Girls really enjoy watching their favorite TV shows.

2. To fresh mind

Sometimes they get exhausted after their regular schedule and to freshen-up their minds it is the best option to watch serial for some time.

3. To avoid stress

If they are stressed out then they like watching TV serials to divert their minds. And also this is a good option you can also try if you don’t.

4. Pass time

It can be a good pass time too, a few girls like reading novels in their free time and many girls like watching TV shows as their favorite pass time.

5. Due to interest

Every girl watches different TV shows according to their interests, likes, and dislikes. And even some boys also like watching TV serials.

6. For any handsome lead in the show

If any smart and handsome guy is playing the role of the main lead in the show, then how can a girl leave that show?

7. To learn new things

Every TV show gives a moral and also it teaches many real things that are helpful for us in our daily life, this also can be an appropriate reason for a girl to watch the show.

8. Girls can easily relate them

In TV shows many things are so real that it is much relatable for a girl. Girls can easily relate their life with them but this a drawback too because sometimes it happens that they start living in their imagination and want everything to be perfect, also their expectations regarding their life partner is also enhanced many times. 

9. Girls are also emotional and dramatic too

Most of the TV shows are somewhere emotional and dramatic, girls like this kind of stuff because they also look like this. Girls are very enthusiastic about all the topics related to serials.

10. Addiction

Some girls become addicted to watching TV serial. They somehow manage enough time for watching TV shows.

11. Girls are not interested in watching cricket match

This is also a very big reason that girls don’t like watching Cricket matches, they look more interested in watching dramatic serials.

Titles of serials, that girls watch look like:-

  • Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
  • Ye Hai Mohabbatein.
  • Ye Teri Galliyan.
  • Guddan Tumse Na ho Paayega.
  • Kumkum Bhagya.

Best Gossip girl:-

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                        Gossip girl is one who tells every little thing to her best friend and the gossip means a casual conversation of other people.

Gossip on serials by gossip girl starts with here:-

यार ये सीरियल देखती है क्या?

और ना देखती हो तो,

तू तो पागल है यार इतना अच्छा  सीरियल नहीं  देखती

और  देखती  हो  तो, ( while discussing “ ये  रिश्ता  क्या  कहलाता  है ”)

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कल  देखा  तूने  नायरा  ने   कैसी  ड्रेस  पहन  रखी  थी  बिलकुल  भी  अच्छी नहीं  लग रही  थी

यार  कार्तिक  कितना  स्मार्ट  है  ना  दिल  आगया  मेरा  तो  इस पे, ये पागल  कार्तिक पता नहीं क्यों  हर  वक़्त  नायरा  के  पीछे  पीछे  घूमता  रहता  है!

कार्तिक-नायरा जैसा  कपल  तो  हो  ही  नहीं  सकता  यार, ये  लोग  तो  हमेशा  साथ  में  ही  रहने  चाइये , पता  नहीं  हमे  कब  मिलेगा  कार्तिक  जैसा  कोई , इस  जितना  प्यार  तो  कोई  कर  ही  नहीं  सकता किसी को !

While discussing ( “ये  तेरी  गालियां“)

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यार  शान  वाला  देखा  था  तूने  कल  पता  है  कितना  मस्त  चल  रहा  है,  अब  मत  छोड़ियो  उसको  अच्छा  चलेगा  अभी  वो , एक  तो  वो  शान  है  ही  इतना  सूंदर  ऊपर  से  बातें  भी  इतनी  प्यारी  करता  है! शान  और  अस्मिता  का  कपल  भी  मस्त  है  एकदम  बस  वो  रिदोय  पागल  बीच  में  आता  रहता  है  हर  वक़्त! and so on…

मतलब  सीरियल  देखने  के  बाद  भी  पूरी  पूरी  स्टोरी  फिरसे  सुनाना, ये  काम  करती  है  लड़किया,  पर  कुछ  भी  कहो  यार  इसके  भी  अपने  मजे  है और  मोस्टली  सभी  लड़किया  करती  है  ऐसा  जिनको  सीरियल  देखना  पसंद  है!

Note:- Naira, Karthik, Shaan, Asmita, Ridoy all are characters in TV shows.

Some actress of Indian TV shows:-

TV Actress TV Shows
1) Sanaya Irani Miley jab hum tum
2) Nia Sharma Jamai raja
3) Ankita Lokhande Pavitra Rishta
4) Shivangi Joshi Ye rishta kya kehlata hai
5) Sriti Jha Kumkum Bhagya
6) Krystle D’souza Ek hazaron me meri behna hai
7) Divyanka Tripathi           Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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So girls do you agree with this?


How can a girl leave her serial?

Give her something more interesting than serial.

Do they really relate serials with their real life?

My experience says, They Do.

Do serials really help to avoid stress?

Yes it will help to divert your mind, give it a try.

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