25+ Effective Tips to Build a Strong & Healthy Relationship In 2019

Troubling with relationship problems? Don’t worry after reading this post you will not face any of it. Here I’ll share some effective tips to build a strong & healthy relationship.

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Thanks for clicking in. You’re most welcome to your own place girlsdunia.com. I am dedicated to providing you the best results for your searches. Today we’ll talk about how to make a relationship good, strong, long-lasting and healthy.

What is a healthy relationship?

Relationship is something in which two or more persons or things are connected but well we’re talking about a special bond of love, it is like when you have a strong feeling of love, concern, and affection towards another person and that is not due to any sexual attraction that can be a healthy relationship and a true love.

The relationship that brings the good in you is always deemed best. The combination of all the feelings concern, understanding, loyalty, trust is known as a healthy relationship.

healthy relationship

12 Most Important Tips for the beginners

Beginners are those who have just entered into a relationship and don’t know more and they are not well experienced so this will help you, let’s have a look:-

  • Communicate

The most important thing in any relationship is communication. If you don’t communicate with each other then you can never build a strong and healthy relationship. This is the key factor and always remind this one.

  • Spend More Time

As much as possible, spend more and more time with each other. This will make a better understanding between both of you. Understanding and consistency can prove a miracle for any relationship. So give more time to each other to know more.

  • Try to be Comfortable

Just be comfortable first with each other. Take time, Know each other and make yourself comfortable with each other. More you will feel comfortable with each other, you will be able to understand better.

healthy relationship
  • Wish each other “Good morning first”

This can be a great starting off your day and then the whole day will pass on smoothly. You both guys will a wonderful smile on your face to the complete day. So with each other a very cute and sweet good morning with a lot of love.

  • Call each other just to say “I Love You”

This short time call will make your day. This will make you both feel very special. Express love, express feelings and make your relationship healthy and strong.

  • Use Loving emoji

While chatting you must use some loving and cute emojis to make chat more attractive and interesting. This will fit a very sweet image of you in each other’s hearts.

  • Notice each other

Always remember to notice each other, what she wears, how she talks, how she behaves. Give importance to every little thing of her, each message because she wants you to notice her, this is a special tip for boys. There are many secret messages in her appearance.

  • Compliment

Give each other sweet compliments but only if you mean it. This will really help to grow your relationship. Always check on current display pictures of each other and you can give a compliment to it also.

  • Call with cute names

You should call each other with sweet, cute and romantic names. This will maintain the interest and life of a relationship. You can find some from here nicknames for girlfriend.

healthy relationship
  • Not compulsory to be practical all the time

It is not important to act practically all the time in front of each other. You may talk about the future whether you know it has more time but still, at least you have the willingness to live with each other in the future and you’re thinking about it that may be enough for now.

  • Ask about their likes and dislikes

Ask them what things they like and what they don’t.  What are their choices and preferences? Where they want to go? What do they want to do? These things can really help to grow such a relationship.

  • Always show interest in each other talks

Always show interest in whatever they’re talking about whether you’re interested in not. Ask her about their personal life and their past experiences in life.

It will show that you’re really interested in knowing about their lives. Here Interest means when you cross-question each other this shows that you’re actually interested.

15 Effective Tips for the experienced

Experienced are those who are leading a relationship for some time but still, they’re not happy with it or they’re facing many problems, this may help you so read carefully:-

  • Loyal

The first thing you need in a relationship is loyalty. Because if you both are not loyal to each other then there is no reason left to continue the relation. You should be dedicated to each other and there should not be left any space for the third person.

If you find yourself saying the same thing again and again then it’s a red flag that the relationship is not healthy. You need not test each other’s loyalty because you must know it’s there.

  • Understanding

Understanding means how well you interpret each other. It is somewhere more important than love because at one time a relation can run without love but it can’t move a bit without understanding. A good understanding can make your relationship healthy and long-lasting.

  • Trust

Trust, Now this is extremely important because if you can’t trust each other then how can you live together. In a healthy relationship, there is no need for any doubt. Some people say “nobody’s perfect” and “we all make mistakes” just to make excuses for distrust.

They just don’t think about the result of doubt and start blaming each other, that’s not good for any healthy relationship. You just have to trust your partner and make it more powerful by earning each other’s trust.

healthy relationship
  • Concern

A pure care and concern shows your love to your partner. Caring for each other is the most beautiful thing in any relationship. How you care for each other defines you and your relationship. After a few years, if you still care for each other it means you’re leading a healthy relationship.

  • Love

Love is the feeling when you’re happy in your partner’s happiness whether you are together or not. If you truly love them you’ll always be happy after seeing your love happy. It’s nothing much just a strong feeling of affection, care, understanding, and sacrifice. If you can do all these things then you can definitely lead a strong and long-lasting relationship.

  • Priority

Priority means how important you consider to each other. You both want to be the first priority of each other but if you prioritize career in first then at least you can make each other second priority. This shows your true feeling for each other and It really helps to build a healthy relationship.

  • Honesty

Now being honest, truthful and open with your partner is the best thing you can do. You should make your relationship that much strong that you can share anything with them without any fear.

Never keep secrets and just talk to them what you want they will understand. We have been listening “Honesty is the best policy” from our childhood and this is really the best. It helps to build more trust and strong relation.

  • Attention

Attention means how much importance you give to each other’s talks and how much you are attentive and interested in their talks. Giving more attention to each other may help you to lead an ever-green relationship that will never shade away.

  • Communication

Communication is the most important part as we discussed above because communication maintains your relationship alive and healthy. Communicate regularly because Time gaps can ruin a strong and beautiful relation. If you both communicate then you can definitely lead a most powerful relation.

  • Responsibility

Responsibility means If you guys make any mistake then please don’t put the blame on each other, accept it by yourself, apologize and improve. You and your partner must be responsible for your own words and actions. When you genuinely apologize to each other it builds better co-ordination among you.

  • Respect

 Always respect each other and their thoughts, values, and beliefs. Do not impose your own thinking on each other. Everyone has their own values and principals and you should value them.

Supporting your dreams, complimenting each other, standing for you, not trying to overstep your boundaries and sticking up for you, this all shows their respect to you. These things will work for you to make it a healthy relationship.

  • Equality

In any relationship, both must be equally important. One should not dominate another. You both have to make equal efforts into the relationship. Make decisions after discussing with each other and give equal importance to their suggestions. RESPECT each other’s decision and SUPPORT it.

  • Freedom

Freedom means the space or the independence you give to your partner. You must think that everybody had a life before you or before this relation so just support each other for having friends as well as having a life outside this relationship. You need not tie them up or know every little thing about their life.

healthy relationship
  • Lifetime assurance

Firstly you should decide that, are you really want to live with each other. In a healthy relationship nobody pressures the other one to have sex, just make the relationship exclusive, meet their families and friends, get married, and have a cute baby together.

Don’t do hastily in things and just be assured for the lifetime commitment. Your willingness to live with one another will keep your relationship strong and healthy.

  • Never take each other for GRANTED

Last but not least, This one is the key to run a long-time relationship. Sometimes people start taking for granted and this is really bad any relationship.

For granted means who start thinking that now they are completely yours and you can do anything with them, they will not say a word to you or they will not leave you because you start knowing their weaknesses but this is very wrong, this all can go in an instant. Stop doing this and live with each other happily for a healthy relationship.

Healthy relations always bring out the best in you. All relations are not perfect but healthy relations bring you up not down. Always love your partner. I hope you liked what I shared. I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps, express love and make your relationship healthy, strong and evergreen.

Let me know what problem you’re facing in your relationship whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

Thank you very much for giving me your precious time for reading this article, see you soon in my next article till then Keep loving keep supporting keep sharing! Have a wonderful day.

Now you have taken this knowledge so let your friends improve their relationship better so share this with them.


How to build trust in a relationship?

The meaning of trust is different for all depending on the experiences they had before. so try to make things clear, understand each other and earn their trust.

How to compromise in a relationship?

Compromise is something that every relationship needs. If you both compromise with the situation and won’t argue over little things, you can run smoothly. If you love them truly you can compromise easily for them.

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