How to Deal With a Forgetful Boyfriend- Causes and Solutions

Handing a forgetful boyfriend? It may be difficult but not impossible so let’s see how to handle a forgetful boyfriend perfectly.

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Thanks for clicking in. Welcome to your own place I am dedicated to providing you the best results for your searches. Today we’ll talk about how to deal with a forgetful boyfriend- causes and situations of forgetfulness and how to deal with such drastic situations.

What is forgetfulness? 

Forgetfulness means when you start forgetting things, dates, and events. It can be due to old age, any kind of stress, lack of sleep, depression, carelessness, etc. we’ll discuss some causes further. In this situation, anybody can start forgetting everything whether it is important or not. we’ll discuss some solutions if the problem is not as much serious as needed to consult a physician.

forgetful boyfriend

6 Causes of forgetfulness

1) Lack of sleep 

It may be happened because of less sleeping hours. Sleep is the most important weapon to keep your mind fresh.  If he is not sleeping properly ask him to sleep more to avoid such problems. 

2) Alcohol       

If your forgetful boyfriend consumes alcohol then it can be a major reason for the forgetfulness. Ask him to leave consuming such liquids. Alcohol just harms the body their body it has no other benefits of consuming alcohol regularly.

3) Medications

If he is suffering from any disease and he takes high mg medications for it then it may also harm and its side effects may be forgetfulness. You can ask him to consult another doctor and he can change his medications. 

4) Stress and anxiety

If he feels stressed out and anxious then it may also be a cause for forgetfulness. Try to remove his stress, at least ask about it, he may feel lighter. 

5) Underactive Thyroid

A faltering thyroid can affect memory as well as disturb sleep and cause depression, both of which are causes of forgetfulness. A simple blood test can tell you if your thyroid is doing its job properly or not. 

6) Depression

If he is the victim of depression and sadness this can make him difficult to pay attention to new things. You should consult a psychologist.

How to deal with a forgetful boyfriend

I. With his behavior

forgetful boyfriend

a) Don’t get irritated

  • If you’re having to make him understand the same thing again and again. Then it’s ok just don’t get irritated with him.
  • Make him understand your point calmly and please deal with the situation sincerely otherwise you may lose him or ruin the relationship.

b) Don’t Shout

  • If he didn’t understand your point then please don’t shout at him.
  • If you yell at him he’ll get more irritated and then it will become impossible to make him understand.
  •  So please be relaxed while talking to him if you really love him and don’t want him to go away then handle it gently.

c) Act as Single girl

  • He may forget some of the important things and works. So just don’t depend on him do it by yourself.
  • Don’t ask him again and again for the same thing he may get irritated, you should do your important works without depending on him.

d) Have patience

  • As everybody knows communication is the key to any relationship.
  • So just talk to him calmly and have more patience, it will definitely make him realize how much you love him and how much you care for him.

II. Some Situations, you may have to deal with

forgetful boyfriend
  • Your boyfriend can not remember where you keep your important things

You must be extra careful about your and his important things. He may forget something very important but at least you should know about it.

  • He may forget your birthday, wedding anniversary and other important dates

I can understand it can be a very worst situation for you that the most special person in your life forgot your birthday but trust me just make him realize once and then he will keep the whole world in front of you.

  • He may forget where he parked his vehicle

Now it’s your duty to remember such things. Because you’re with a forgetful guy and he can’t remember all these things so you have to do it.

  • He may forget his wallet

Always carry some extra money with you when you’re with him because he may forget his wallet at home. This will help you to deal with the other situation that will arise.

  • You wish things could speak

He forgets everything and you start wishing that it will be great if things could speak. They may make him remember themselves to take with.

  • He may forget directions

It may also happen that he forgot directions of a place. You may find it from his confused look that you’re on the wrong way so go back to the place where you started.

  • You may have to go back from where you started

This may happen and you have to go back because he forgot something somewhere. Don’t react so much just follow the process and go back.

  • You’ll always have to send him reminders

Develop a habit of sending reminders to your spouse because of he capable of forgetting things easily that may be very urgent. Let him remind time to time.

  • You always have friends calling to tell you what he forgot now

Your friends and relatives will always tease you by asking what he forgot now. It can be a funny situation for both of you and sometimes it may be embracing but don’t give attention to these things. He is yours and this is your duty to keep him managed.

  • You know when disaster is coming

      Your confused reaction or look shows that the disaster is coming and again you forgot something. This is a red flag to start thinking about what you forgot and where you can search it.

Characteristics of the forgetful man

  •      They look very innocent

Forgetful faces look very innocent, they are much polite than others. They just don’t talk rude, they respect others, they care for all. They look innocent as small kids.

  •      They are genuine

 They are so real, they don’t show off just to make their image good in front of others. Their actions define their realness and truthfulness.

  •       They don’t lie

If they’re saying they don’t know about the matter but they know it and they forgot it then it’s not a lie. They don’t remember then how can they tell so always remember they don’t lie.

  •      They act very cutely

Their actions are so cute, the act of forgetting things is also very cute, they act like Golu-Molu kids, you just enjoy all this process and don’t get irritated with anything they do.

 I hope you liked this article on how to deal with a forgetful boyfriend. I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps, express love and make your relationship more healthy, strong and evergreen.

Let me know what problem you’re facing in your relationship whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below, I will try to figure it out. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment down.

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Now you have taken this knowledge so let your friends improve their relationship by following these tips.

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How should I react if my boyfriend forgets my birthday?

Keep calm and just realize him once, rest he will do.

I am disappointed with my partner because he forgets everything about me, what can I do?

If you love him then have more patience and if not then quit.

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