How to Impress a Boy in 2019- Perfect 27 Ways to Fall him in love with You

Looking for answers? You’ll get here! Today we’ll talk about boys. Let’s see How to Impress a boy in 2019- Perfect 27 Ways to Fall him in love with you. These tips will help you to impress a practical guy who is quite serious about his life and career.

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Happy to see you back on It feels great to give you information that may help you. Today we’ll discuss some most effective ideas and tips on how to impress a boy. Trust me just follow these tips once and he will be impressed to you.

How to Impress a Boy?

Remember everything takes time to grow and get strong. Especially love needs a lot of time that’s why don’t run so fast in doing anything. Have some patience!

Impressing a boy may not be a difficult task but if you want to impress a guy who is very conserved and rarely talks to anybody then there can be many things to do that can help you to impress your dream boy. You need to do some homework and rest the ground is yours, play well.

If you sincerely love him then these tips will really help you to take you closer to him. A boy wants and notices many things in a girl that are mentioned below. Remember one thing your looks are temporary but your manners are permanent or everything and one more thing, not every boy are interested in your body.

How to Impress a Boy
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NOTE one point strictly in your mind that

Looks are not everything, we can’t impress, judge and leave a person just based on their looks. Looks can change and not only change they can completely transform. I agree that looks matter but I also agree they matter to a limited area. Looks can impress a boy for a short time period but your good manners can make him yours for a lifetime. One more thing after 5-10 years later you all will realize that you need a beautiful soul, not just a beautiful face.

Find one who can stand by your side always, you can support you in your hard time and invest your time or effort on her. And yes one more thing I won’t say that you look so ugly and then you keep expecting a girl will like you that may be difficult so you should take care of some things.

You can give some attention to self-improvement. I am just saying looks are not everything there are many other attributes that can impress a boy genuinely. “Looks can impress a boy but not a man”

How to Impress a Boy
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21 Perfect and Effective Ways to Impress a Boy that you don’t know Well

You might meet with him on social media or you might have a crush on him but you are not good friends or don’t know well each other so these tips will help you to give your answer “how to impress a boy”.

1. Flirting is healthy

Boys like flirting with girls and also they like it when a girl flirts with them. You may use this trick but don’t keep your standard so down everything looks nice in a limit. Flirting can impress many boys but don’t give a cheap impression on his mind.

  • You may send him some flirty texts like I was thinking about you, you look cute, I wish you were there with me, etc.
  • Break out the boredom and keep your conversation going. Talk about the hobbies and interests of each other.
  • Give him a cute nickname and don’t be afraid to tease.
  • Use something more interesting in your conversations.
  • So try to use these ideas smartly and this will help you to impress him.
How to Impress a Boy
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2. Have a good personality

The first impression always depends on your personality because, in the beginning, we don’t know anything else about each other so firstly, we decide about someone’s nature through personality. Having a good personality can help you to impress him but personality doesn’t mean looks it has many others. Dress well, smell great, look fresh!

  • Dress up

Your wardrobe choice defines you because the clothes we wear send powerful signals to the strangers including the boy you want to impress. Make sure you give importance to what you wear.

Your simple and decent dress up look can impress him easily you don’t have to dress up like a boss. Make sure you choose nice colors that must not be very bright in color. They must look the best on you and must have a proper fit. Be simple be decent!

  • Body odor

Make sure you smell good. Your horrible body odor can ruin your chance to impress him. Make sure you remove this odor before meeting him. You should take shower nicely, use a nice soap and spray an awesome deodorant which has a nice fragrance.

  • Body gestures

Your body gestures show your personality as in how you walk, your hand movements and how you talk to people. The body movements you make while talking that defines you and your standard. Your moves must be attractive and genuine.

How to Impress a Boy
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3. Arouse his curiosity

To know him better ask more questions but not only you let him also ask questions to you. Give him more stuff about you that can make him curious about you.

Being curious for someone shows your interest in that person. Ask about his hobbies, his personal life and anything that you want to ask. Also, tell him about yourself.

4. Start conversation First

If you’re a girl that doesn’t mean you can’t message or talk to him first. Stimulating conversations especially first shows your interest in him. It means that you actually want to talk to him. It will build a deep connection between you both and make you feel guys comfortable with each other.

You can message him first but don’t show him your desperation to talk, it will impact you negatively. And notice if he is interested in talking to you or not, his replies will tell you best.

How to Impress a Boy
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5. Be ambitious and passionate about life

If he is serious about his life and career then his expectation regarding his girl will also be the same. So you also need to be ambitious and passionate about your life and career.

Alright, you like him and even you love him very much but please don’t show off your feelings excessively. Let him realize your feelings genuinely along with your career goals.

6. Don’t try to rush use a slow approach

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article that everything takes time to grow so let him understand you completely. Give some more time and have some patience and enjoy the ride. Don’t try to force things that can ruin the complete story.

7. Don’t show too much attitude

If girls don’t like boys who show an extra attitude then boys also feel the same. Don’t behave rudely to them take things easy and try to figure out everything deeply. Make your boundaries and try to be in them it will help you a lot. Treat him nicely he’ll treat you even better.

8. Be genuine & Be yourself always

Being genuine is the real formula to win anyone’s heart including your man and even it applies to each relation. Never show her fake side of you show her the real way you are. Show the real you and he will definitely fall for you if you are genuinely nice.

  • Manners

Being well-mannered doesn’t mean you’re boring. You must say “please” and “thank you” when you feel them needed. Make your good manners your strength.

  • Way of talking

The way of talking and the language you use must be really good and impressive. Don’t use bad language in front of him if you’re not much open-up with each other it will put a wrong impression on him. Use decent words and simple way of talking.

  • Principals

Your manners, principals, and your ethics taught by your parents and family show your upbringing. Don’t your upbringing go wrong so respecting him and treating him good must be your first motive.

How to Impress a Boy
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9. Make him realize you’re not mean

In the world of fake and selfish people, it is quite difficult to trust anybody but read again, it is difficult, not impossible so, make him believe in you. Build that trust that intimacy which will define your relationship.

If he’ll find you genuine and not self-obsessed then why he will not like you, after all, every boy needs a loyal life partner who can love a lot.

10. Don’t step back to propose him

If you’re a girl then it is not always necessary that a boy proposes you. You can also take the initiative and you can propose him first. So don’t feel shy or don’t step back to propose him.

He is your love and you must have the guts to accept this. So get a nice idea and let him know about your feelings for him.

How to Impress a Boy
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11. Don’t be too easy, Respect yourself

We all know that everything worth having takes some hard work and a lot of effort. Nobody wants to be offered anything on a silver plate. Real men love challenges and ready to accept them.

The longer you keep him interested in you, the better you will run. You may have fallen in love with him but don’t show it outrightly. Let the guy do some hard work to win you over. You can try this tip it will help you for sure- how to impress a man.

  • First of all, be sure that the guy really loves you before committing to anything serious. There is no valid point of giving out your heart to someone who was just passing time with you.
  • Let him know you more and let his interest create in you.

12. Sincere compliments & Sense of humor

Everybody likes compliments boys too but that must be genuine and sincere. You may compliment on his looks, behavior, and something else that made you fall for her. A genuine compliment can cover a long way in his mind.

Everybody likes some sense of humor in people. Boys like when you make her smile but they love when you make him smile when they’re sad. Try to take things easily and crack some kind of jokes that may make him smile.

13. Make eye contact when talking

Eye contacts build strong trust. It shows how loyal and committed you can be. So it’s good to make eye contact while talking. This can build a deep intimate connection between you both.

14. Offer to pay your bills

Being independent is what guys want. A man wants to date a lady who is independent enough to handle herself. Make a habit of going out alone. do your own works yourself don’t be dependent on anybody.

Have your own money and be capable of sorting out your own issues. Offering to pay your bills will impress him a lot.

How to Impress a Boy
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15. Ask for advice

Everybody likes when you give importance to their opinions and ideas. You may ask him to give you advice on any issue or problem you have. It will show that you value his opinion and point of view.

This will help you to build more respect in his mind. In fact, you may ask him what color dress he likes and what he wants to eat, etc.

16. Be polite but don’t show off

Boys love this kind of girl who treats everybody politely. You must be polite to everyone not only him. Being polite the man you’re trying to impress and even to all other people around you defines your character well.

Listen to him carefully and respond to everything with the utmost care and politeness in your voice. Your good manners and behaviors leave a good first impression.

How to Impress a Boy
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17. Always has a helping hand

If he is in trouble or seeks your help never say NO to him. Helping others is always been a very good thing and here you love him then there must not any reason left for refusing him or being unavailable for him when he needs. Try to be ready for every possible help you may do for him.

18. When he is upset- Golden opportunity

Sometimes it happens that your man may feel demotivated, upset or sad then you have to console him. Use this idea only if you actually mean it doesn’t misuse this opportunity. If you really love him then this is the best way you can show your care and concern to her.

You just need to make him smile, pamper her and try to fix his mood. If you can make a boy smile in his sad mood then trust me he will really impress and is yours.

19. Smiling face

A smiling face always has an attractive and bright look. Always put a mindblowing smile on your face this can make him fall for you without doing any efforts. This tip gives the best answer to how to impress a girl.

How to Impress a Boy
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20. Open-minded

An open-minded and independent is always liked by guys. So think big and don’t talk like typical girls. Being practical is the key to win a boy’s heart.

21. Self-confidence

Always be confident in whatever you’re doing. Your self-confidence defines your personality and way of thinking.

How to impress a boy in a relationship or on the first date

Including the earlier points, we discussed before some add on points are here-

Be on time

Nobody likes to wait, don’t keep him waiting for you so long. This is the worst thing to wait for someone and especially on the first date. Be on time on your first date or to meet him. Don’t spoil your first impression and go on time.

Make him feel special

Your little efforts can make him feel special and even happy. Tell him how much you love her and do things which make him happy. He will always remain yours.

Avoid your phone when together

When you’re together don’t give importance to your phone over him. It will irritate him. Just keep your phone aside and concentrate on him by giving him attention. This will really put a very good impression on him.

How to Impress a boy
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Plan a cool date

Well, we see boys plan date for their girls. Let’s try something different you need to do is to plan a nice date and make him surprise. This will be a very special treat for him and he will really impress.

Always remember his favorite things

Always consider his choices in your mind and don’t forget his favorite things. He will be happy to see how much you care for him and how well you remember things about him.

Good listener

Listeners are liked more than speakers in the case of relationships. If he is telling you something then just listen to him carefully and ask cross-questions to show that you’re really listening to him.

Other standard qualities

Loyalty, honesty, care, understanding, these are some standard qualities that every boy wants. But yeah never lie to a boy they love honest girls.  

I hope you liked this article on “How to Impress a Boy in 2019- Perfect 27 Ways to Fall him in love with You”. I always try my best to give you ideas from the best of my knowledge and experience. Understand these ideas, express yourself and make your life more interesting and happy than before.

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