How to Propose a Girl in 2019?- 16 Sure-Fire Ways that Will Help you!

Need some ideas? This post will help you to figure out the best way. WE’ll get to know how to propose a girl with some effective, reliable and relevant ways in 2019.

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How to Propose a Girl?

How to Propose a Girl
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Proposing a girl you like or love is the most important task so take it carefully. Your proposal can make her yours and vice-versa. Now, you’ve found your dream girl the next step is to ask her to be your wife.

So do some homework about her check likes and dislikes of her and all other things related to her. You should plan accordingly and plan what to say, how to say, where to say is also the most important task.

There is a fact about girls that they want to get proposed perfectly and if I say as they watch in movies or TV serials. You can do this for them, after all, you can fulfill her little wish.

Here are some most effective ways are listed below that will help you to give the answer to your question “how to propose a girl” so continue reading.

16 Sure-Fire Ways to Propose a Girl-

Here are some best way listed below and I am sure they will help you to understand how to propose a girl so read further-

How to Propose a Girl
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## 1. Bend down on your knees

It sounds old fashioned or outdated but you trust me this is still most preferable. Girls like this way the most. This can be the best way to propose her.

You just have to bend down on your knees and pop up a question to her, “Will You Marry Me?”, “Will You Be My Life Partner? And you may ask anything according to your bond and need of that time.

If you do this in front of strangers or relatives this becomes the best proposal ever. You may take a beautiful ring or a flower while asking. This will be an added benefit for you.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 2. Be the real you

Always show whatever you are in reality. Never show off to be what you are not. Try to take things easy. Just keep calm and stay genuine she will be yours. Tell her about your feelings for her just speak everything you feel for her.

Then just wait for her response and her answer will be yes if you and your feeling will look genuine to her. And even it’s a no still you don’t need to get upset respect her decision and move up.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 3. Exact location

Location matters a lot because you can’t say tell your feelings anywhere and you must be at a perfect location. A good location helps to convert the mindsets and if you choose a nice place it will work in your favor. You may Choose-

  • Dinner spot
  • Coffee shop
  • Where you first met
  • A place with a special memory
  • Her favorite place
  • Theatre
  • Many others
How to Propose a Girl
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## 4. Coffee shops

This one is most trending because coffee shops are places that helped many people to convert their love in relationships or couples. Youngsters usually go to coffee shops to spend time together and to know each other more.

You too can try your luck so invite her for a coffee and if she says yes then don’t miss the opportunity. You should stimulate conversation first then you may talk about your feelings. It will be a great chance for you to express your feelings.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 5. Candlelight Or moonlight night

You may ask her to go to a candlelight dinner with you. Nights are considered the most romantic time period for couples. Candles and romance always go hand in hand. So it will be the perfect spot for you both. You may tell her under the light of the moon.

You may go to a nice restaurant and first of all, just be comfortable with each other. Start a conversation and be easy with the environment. Now, you can propose her in a very romantic way with a ring or flower. It is the time she wouldn’t say no to you.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 6. Special day

Choose a special day to propose her. The day which means a lot to her or the day which has anything special. For example- her birthday, the day when you first talked or met, valentine’s day, any other day of love, etc.

Choosing a special day can prove the lucky charm for you so you can try this in your case. Some special days really affect the decision of someone for example- the day which is full of sorrow to her and you propose her on that day, the result always is negative and also weird.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 7. Old-fashioned but ever-green t-shirt

The idea of proposing her through t-shirt is really very old but still, it hasn’t lost its importance completely. It is one of the most romantic ideas and you should give it a try.

You have to do is take an old t-shirt or it may be new and print it with a beautiful slogan like will you marry me or I love you with her name on it. You can also write yourself with your hand, by using some markers or sketches.

Wear a jacket on a t-shirt and take her to a park then show your t-shirt. And see the glow on her face you’ll see this is the right decision you’ve ever made.

## 8. Surprise in a box

This looks with a lot of suspense and very much interesting than others. You have to do is just take a box and put a gift inside it which says all your feelings. You may right beautiful words describing your feelings on the box and also insert a note inside it.

It will be a great idea you will choose. Your special gift will help her to understand and it can change her views for you so choose better. You can personalize it with writing “Open me please!” over it.

## 9. Romantic moment

If you want to propose in a more romantic way then create it. Choose a romantic place, romantic gift, romantic words and romantic time to let her know about your feelings. There can be many ways to make your day special. Now, it depends on you that what limit you can cross to make her happy and special.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 10. Memorable spot

Go to a place that is really close to the hearts of you both. 50% of Chances will be increased just with this location. There try to recollect things and feel happy thinking about them. It will be a great idea you can choose and it will definitely help you to convince her.      

How to Propose a Girl
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## 11. Banner method

A small size banner behind your face is also an effective method of proposing a girl. You need to do is get a banner and a slogan printed on it. You may add any kind of question regarding the proposal.

After that go to her hiding your face with a turned banner or another banner saying something cute not the proposal directly. Then change the banner with the original one and express. You’ll get a bright yes from her.

## 12. Choose a ring and a flower

Rings and flowers are the most useful weapon for proposing so never miss these two or at least one of them. Choose a nice ring that is not necessary to buy a diamond ring just bring it within your budget.

It will help you to show your dedication to her and if she also loves you then the price of the ring will never matter for her so take it easy. You just have to bring these and express your feelings in a great way.

How to Propose a Girl
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## 13. Leaving secret messages for her

If you want to impress her in a different way, then writing cute and sweet notes for her will the perfect idea and you must try this one. Girls like this kind of cute things and it will make her curious about you.

You may write small and sweet notes on many papers and leave them different places where she can easily access. This will impress her and she’ll fall for you and this is sure.

## 14. Chat message

If you can’t propose her face to face then nothing serious you may tell her on chat or phone calls as you like. Face to face proposals are more effective and serious but telling her on chat about your real and true feelings will also not be a bad idea.

You may start a conversation and try to check her mood first then start explaining to her what you feel. You may say I love you directly or also indirectly by making some suspense.

## 15. Unique way

Propose her in front of the parents of you both. This will show how committed and sure you are about her. If your parents agree and you’ll propose her like this there will be no reason left to say No to you.

This will be the best proposal for marriage purposes because your families are involved in this case and you must act sincere and serious for her.

## 16. Decorate I love you with lights in garden or on SKY

This one is the most romantic way to propose and also the nicest surprise. This will be the best day of her life. And obviously, if any person does something special like this then the girl must be lucky.

You need to do is get some colorful lights or you may also get rose petals and arrange them in the shape of I love you or will you marry me on the garden floor.

I love you on sky these are kind of some crackers available in the market so you can get them and surprise her like this. For sure she will be yours and this is the best idea you can choose.

How to Propose a Girl
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I really hope you all got the answers to your question “how to propose a girl”.

Some tips-

  • Choose perfect timing and location for your proposal
  • Check on her mood because mood can affect a lot of to your proposal
  • Be attentive to her choices because the one whom you are going to propose must be given special importance.
  • Propose her genuinely and don’t give it a messy look.
How to Propose a Girl
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I hope you liked this article on “How to Propose a Girl in 2019?- 16 Sure-Fire Ways that Will Help you!”. I always try my best to give you ideas from the best of my knowledge and experience. Understand these ideas, express yourself and make your life more interesting and happy than before.

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