How to Understand Girls: 25+ Tips in 2019

Well everybody knows that understanding girls is one of the most difficult tasks in the world but as I mentioned in my first article if you love her then you can definitely understand her and if you judge her you can never understand her. “Being nonjudgemental is the key”. So let’s see How to understand girls.

How to Understand Girls?

Always care for inner beauty, not external beauty. So let me make a few things very clear to you all which may help you to understand girls:-

A) Understand her behaviour as an individual:-

1) If a girl says she doesn’t want to talk to you, she doesn’t mean that exactly. In fact, she wants you to pamper her to pacify her to understand her. “Sometimes silence speaks louder than words” so feel that silence understand it and take action accordingly.

2) Never break the trust of a girl. If a girl trusts you that means she is sharing every moment of her life with you. Manage it peacefully even a small thing can hurt her so never break her into pieces.

3) Notice that openness is a sign of trust. If she feels comfortable with you, feels safe with you, tells you about her likes and dislikes and especially shares her secrets with you, that means she trusts you. Notice this carefully.

4) Never speak lie to a girl because most of the time she already knows the truth she just wants to hear it from you.

5) You never know what is going in her mind what battle she is fighting for, a smile on her face can never tell you that she is happy. Observe her deeply.

6) When a girl is sad but isn’t crying it means she is crying in her heart and sometimes she needs someone to share with and sometimes she wants to live alone.

7) The best way to understand her is just spending time with her observe her, notice every silly thing she does and this all will tell you about her, more time you’ll spend with her more things you’ll get to know about her.

8) A girl’s No means No if the thing you’re asking for is bothering her then it can never convert in yes so STOP AsKing!

9) Every girl needs a male best friend more than a special one. In short, she can live without her boyfriend but she can’t live without her best friend.

10) All girls are not the same, not every girl takes to care of her figure, for her look. Some girls are a perfect example of simplicity. Girls may like makeup but it doesn’t mean they can’t look beautiful without makeup.

B) Understand her in a relationship:-

1) The first thing a girl like is the guy who loves her must be loyal, caring and loving. Girls like when a guy waits for her make her their first priority, shares everything first with her.

2) Always give a cute nickname to a girl, girls love to be called by nicknames. I’ll share some cute nicknames in further articles.

3) When a girl is really sad she just needs a tight hug and a shoulder to cry on whether it is of her best friend, mother, boyfriend. It’s just who is close to her no matter what the relation is.

A pure hug can do wonders for a girl when she is sad. Cute gift cards, teddy, flower, and chocolates help too.

4) If you don’t like her who likes you just tell her gently, calmly. She will definitely understand because she loves you and your happiness is more important for her than anything else. And if she starts ignoring you after you reject her just give her time for a while.

5) When a guy says something emotional to a girl she will always remember it. She will always take care of you and will never hurt you.

6) Guys will be able to make girls cry but if a girl makes a guy cry then it must be the worst blunder of that guy.

7) When a girl is upset with you after you have done something wrong then after pacifying her many times or have done special things for her, just give her some time alone to cool down.

8) Girls love it when guys pull them close by her waist. Romantic guys are her favorite kind.

9) Girls don’t like dirty talking as much as guys like.

10) If you like a girl, try making friends first let her get to know you.

11) Even When a girl doesn’t like to cook and instead this she cooks for you that means you mean the whole world to her.

12) Usually, a girl likes sweet compliments. Some times girls are happy with cheesy talks and sometimes with spicy.

13) Girls do hate when anybody comes online but doesn’t reply to her messages or even after viewing the message he doesn’t reply, it irritates her.

14) Girls are very possessive and what she owns is hers only she will never share you with anybody else.

15) You can see her in night suits because if she trusts you she doesn’t care about her external looks.

B) Understand why she behaves different:-

1) Rule of giving toys to kids. Why girls get a doll or kitchen sets and why boys get gadgets. The mentality of people is girls are made for kitchen and boys are made for other areas. Society has made a wall between them.

2) Girls are habitual of hiding her feelings. Because according to society a good girl is obedient, quiet and polite. That’s why girls express less.

3) Most important. Every girl is different. This article just gives you a general idea of what women are like. It doesn’t speak for every single girl.

A girl acts differently according to the situation and the people around her:-

i) With her family:- In family also she has to react differently according to relations like to her mother she becomes open as a friend and she can share everything with her.

But in front of her father, she becomes conserved. And she got a best friend and her first love in the face of her brother. Every girl must have a brother whether small or big.

ii) With her school/college friends:- She does every silly thing in front of her friends. A new character of a girl shows in front of her friends. They share a very pure relation, every problem is firstly shared with friends.

iii) With someone special:- She becomes an innocent baby in front of her soulmate. She talks very cutely to him and she shares every single thing with him because she knows he will understand her, he will bear all her tantrums, he will keep her happy always.

iv) When she is alone:- When a girl is alone she must be thinking about everything that is going on in her life. She gets worried then she herself understands and her alone time spent makes her stronger.

v) At public place:– She keeps herself limited in a public place. Many girls don’t like walking with boys because of “what will people say?” this is a huge question for a girl..because everybody blames a girl.

Actually, I can write a complete book on girls and yeah it’s really hard to understand her in a very short time and by reading only this article. The best tip is to spend time with her and make her fall for you.

Some important tips on how to understand girls:-

a) Spend more and more time with her. It can be through the meeting, phone calls, chats whatever you and she like. It will help you the most to understand her.

b) Tell her time to time how special she is and what she means to him.

c) Never ever cheat her or break her trust. A Hindi saying is:- अगर एक लड़की आपके लिए जान देना जानती है तो दिल तोड़ने पर वही लड़की जान लेना भी जानती है! Always remember this.

d) love her from the bottom of your heart. Care for her before yourself.

So guys did this article helped you and if not then contact me And girls I am right or wrong?

Thanks for reading. Keep visiting keep loving. Spread love and happiness, not hatred.


How to understand girls mind?

Just understand her heart first then mind will be yours.

How to understand girls behaviour?

Observe her carefully and follow the tips I shared in this article.

How to understand her feelings?

Ask her about her life and treat her like a small baby, this pamper treatment will tell you about her feelings.

Can we understand girls?

Of course, you can, love and care is everything for a girl.

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