Life of a Teenage Girl- 19 Problems & Solutions in their Life

Teenage usually starts from thirteen years and ends with nineteen years. Teenage life may bring a lot of excitement in your life but it comes with a lot of difficult challenges. Life of a Teenage Girl is the most difficult phase.

Life of a Teenage Girl

This life is really very important and the toughest stage of life. You have to face a lot during this period, a lot of changes, a lot of ups and downs but once you pass this stage successfully then you will never feel disappointed in life.

Teenage life can make you successful as well as a failure. You must give special attention during this stage and you should live it carefully.

Because this is the time where you can grow yourself for better. Today we discuss “Life of a Teenage Girl- 19 Problems & Solutions in their Life”.

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Here is a list of problems that every teenage girl face during this period and also you’ll get solutions for them.

19 Problems & Solutions for their Life-

A girl has to face many problems during this time period but you can help her to cope up with them so first of all, you must aware of the problems teenage girl face-

teenage girl

1) Body changes

This is the number one problem on every teenage girl’s problem list because a lot of changes occur in the body of a teenage girl. Her body is constantly changing and don’t know how to cope up with it.

  • She notices how her breasts are enlarging and her hips may turn broad and fat.
  • She might have a slight pain in her breasts during puberty but if she has severe pain then it is best to consult a gynecologist.


  • Observe her carefully and try to talk to her.
  • Tell her why this is happening.
  • Say her not to think about all this because this is a part of life and we can’t change or stop anything.

2) Menstruation cycle

The next problem starts from here when she goes through a very difficult phase of her life that is her menstruation cycle. This is really a very big problem for every teenage girl.

  • She just doesn’t know anything about periods that how to handle them, why it happens, and a lot more queries.
  • She goes in depression about thinking a lot about periods because she thinks what happens if she’ll start bleeding in the middle of class.
  • A thunderstorm of tensions and questions is going in her mind during this period. She may think of why boys don’t get periods.


  • First of all, clear her all doubts and tell her everything in brief and make her accept the fact that this is natural.
  • Tell her periods are actually not a problem this is just a different phase of your life and you have to deal with it smartly and sincerely. There is nothing to worry about it.
  • For the school time problem, ask her to carry a sanitary napkin to school with her and if she didn’t carry ask her to use any tissue and after returning home she can simply through it and use a sanitary pad.
  • Ask her to wear dark-colored bottom wear like skirts or trousers.

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3) Body hair and facial hair

A lot of unwanted hair grows on the body of a teenage girl during this stage. This becomes a very big problem for girls and they don’t know how to deal with them.

  • A girl may have hair on arms, legs, upper lips, underarms, pubic hair, etc. which may irritate her and she may have to visit parlor regularly.


  • Talk to her and clear her doubts.
  • You may tell her to opt for cosmetic treatment like waxing, bleaching to remove upper lips hair, underarm hair and other unwanted hair.
  • If your daughter is experiencing irregular periods, too much unwanted pubic hair, a lot of skin acne problem then this may happen due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and you should take her to a doctor immediately.

4) Mental stress

Teenage girls often suffer from a lot of mental stress. They make the situation more complex than actually it is and then they start living in depression.

  • They usually don’t talk much with anybody and start living alone in their rooms.
  • Girls can get affected by any random or unnecessary thing.
  • Breakups, weight gain, arguments, low grades, like anything can make them depressed very easily.


  • Always stay calm to your teenager and just observe the signs of depression in her.
  • Build a nice rapport with her and talk to her like her friend.
  • Don’t anger her if there is an issue of breakup or any boy.
  • If she is losing interest in studies and she can’t sleep well at night when she is in stress and you need to talk to her.
teenage girl

5) Bullying

Bullying is one of the important issues in a teenage girl’s life which can bother her a lot and she keeps everything herself.

  • Bullying is a condition in which a child starts behaving aggressively and differently.
  • Your girl can feel depressed and her behavior starts affecting with bullying.


  • You have to ask her everything in detail.
  • You must console her at this time and ask her to keep strong.
  • Tell her the importance of family and try to attract her to family.

6) Education

Education is a must for a girl at this time but she is not able to concentrate on her studies. She is under a lot of depression in exams and high parental expectations. Because of this pressure, she is facing a lot.


  • Tell her to study hard and get good marks but make her understand that grades can’t judge the capability of a person. If a person has a low score that doesn’t mean he or she is less talented or less educated. Scoring good marks is just a way to show better but there are many other ways to prove yourself.
  • Tell her some tips and tricks to concentrate on her studies.

7) Dating

This one is the most common problem of today’s teens. The sudden increase in hormones in the body can make this situation happen.

  • Your girl may fall for her first crush and she may experience an early age love.
  • She may have many queries related to relationship, sex and a lot more.
  • She may face many problems while dealing with a guy and a new relationship.


  • First of all, tell her it is all right to say NO to sex.
  • Then tell her some facts and give all relevant information regarding sex. Sex education is very important for a teenage girl.
  • Remember you can’t always be able to manage her relationships so tell about precautions, how to be safe, etc. and there is nothing wrong in discussing all this with her.

8) Bad boys

This problem is faced by almost every girl. Everything can change in the world but the thinking of these kinds of boys will never change.

  • Cheap comments and evil eyes start dominating a girl’s life and she is just unaware of all this.
  • She has to face these kinds of boys everywhere and nobody is able to stop them.


  • Ask her to avoid them.
  • Tell her every girl faces these kinds of problems and she is not alone who is facing.
  • Ask her not to get scared and to stay strong.

9) Self-esteem & appearance

Some of the girls have very less self-confidence during this age because teenage girls have a very bad habit of comparing themselves with others.

  • They compare everything like looks, dressing sense, status, popularity.
  • If they are not satisfied with the comparison then they start losing their self-esteem.
  • They always look worried due to their appearance.


  • Make her understand that everybody is different and every girl must be unique. You have your own mind, own thoughts, and own style.
  • Tell her to concentrate on her future more than her appearance.

10) Underage sex

Underage sex may be a serious problem nowadays. It can cause this kind of problems-

  • Infections
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Many other physical problems


  • Meet a well-experienced gynecologist with your daughter.

11) Teen pregnancy

It is also known as adolescent pregnancy. This usually occurs under the under 20. The problems you may face-

  • Premature birth means low birth weight.
  • High blood pressure.
  • The head of the baby can be wider than the pelvic itself.


  • You must visit your doctor to get better advice.

12) Drinking & smoking

Drinking and smoking are becoming the fashion of today’s generation. They feel more stylish while doing all these things.

  • Drinking and smoking can ruin the life of your girl.
  • It can damage her body and reputation both.


  • Tell about the consequences of drinking and smoking.
  • Ask her to leave all this because it takes years to build a reputation but a few seconds to over.

13) Friendship

Friendship can be good as well as bad because if it starts dominating over your daughter then it is always harmful for her.

  • Teenagers always make every relation very complex.
  • She may love her friend a lot and after a few moments later she can have a fight with her over a very little thing.
  • This can increase the chances of aggression and mood swings in her behavior.


  • Teach her who is good and who is bad, how can she find who is the right once to keep a friendship.
  • Tell her fight with friend is a very normal thing but you must sort it out as early as possible.
  • Teach her it is OK to apologize when she mistakes.

14) High Panic level

Girls during this age panic quickly. They frightened of any kind of little issue.

  • Unknown calls can scare them most during this age.
  • They start feeling stress of these calls and then family. Because of this fear they don’t share this problem with anybody.


  • Observe her and try to find out the reason of her stress.
  • Say her to keep calm and you’re with her so she doesn’t have to worry for anything. You’ll do everything alright again.

15) Skin Acne

Skin acne and pimples are the biggest problem for every girl and in this age, a lot of acne occurs.

  • Due to hormonal changes in the body, you girl may experience pimples and acne in her skin.
  • This hormonal imbalance makes her skin oily and then it causes pimples.


  • Ask her to wash her face regularly with normal water.
  • She should not use scrub on pimples because it will make them irritating.

16) Body odor

Body odor also changes with the age the smell of an odor of a kid’s body is very different from a teenage girl or a lady. You feel embarrassed when your body smells bad in front of people.


  • Ask her to take a shower daily with light warm water.
  • Tell her to wear clean clothes daily and to wear cotton clothes in summer it helps to absorb sweat.
  • She can use some deodorants to avoid the unwanted smell of sweat and it will help to stay fresh and active.

17) Breakup

If your girl is suffering from breakup then she really needs you. Be her friend and talk to her.

  • The life of today’s generation’s relationship is very small. They just can’t handle problems in relationships and they simply quit.
  • Breakup can ruin your girl because she might be serious for him and now she is unable to live without him.
  • It can affect her mind, study, and overall life.


  • Build a good rapport with her. Ask her the complete matter and try to figure out.
  • Tell her to forget him and to go outside with her friends to chill.
  • Never leave her alone and try to keep her near to family members.

18) Internet addiction

Many children have become cyber addicted these days. They think their life impossible without internet.

  • The growth of internet and cheap data is giving them the opportunity to get addicted.
  • Internet addiction can affect the mind or your girl and make her mentally unstable.


  • Give her more interesting than the internet and a mobile phone.
  • Try to keep her away from these limited things and give her a wide network.
  • Make her accept the things that mobile and internet is not everything there is a beautiful life outside this.

19) Bad Touch

Touch is something when you feel physically somebody or something.

  • Teenage girls are not much aware of good touch and bad touch. They can’t find easily the intentions of a person who is touching.


  • Educate her about good touch and bad touch.
  • The senses of girls are very strong they can know the intentions of a person quickly even just after touching once but you have to make her aware.

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