Love at First Sight- 11 Signs, Characteristics and Fake vs. Real

Love at first sight, so is it possible? Like when you see a person and you feel like you’re falling for them.

The answer is Yes!

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You’re most welcome once again to your own place Today we will discuss love at first sight and what are their signs and characteristics of this kind of love. To know more continue reading.

What is Love at First Sight?

This looks like a filmy scene:  Two strangers see each other anywhere and they feel an instant attraction, an electric spark and suddenly they’ve found their perfect match. It looks romantic, right?

Falling in love may lead to a strong feeling of one-sided love. Love, at first sight, is something when you see a person and you feel like you want him or her. You found yourself attracted to them and you are unable to stop yourself.

Love at First Sight

## 7 Signs-

There are many signs that can tell you about your love at first sight, some of them are listed here:-

1. You feel butterflies in the stomach when together

Your stomach and brain work closely together and it’s very normal if you feel something different in your stomach. Our feelings can impact our digestive system and we may feel happy.

Anger, anxiety, sadness these all can trigger physical symptoms. It is very common to feel butterflies and other physical sensations while meeting somebody. It can give you a sign that you’re experiencing love at first sight.

Love at First Sight

2. They’re the only person whom your eyes look for

Actually, this is the sign of true love because your eyes always look for the person whom you love the most. If you look for that special person everywhere after you’ve watched him or her once then you have fallen in love with them.

Suppose you watched a person and after that, your eyes search for the same person everywhere it means you fell in love at first sight.

3. You want to know everything about them

Suppose you met someone and you become really curious to know more about them and in fact, you want to know everything about them. Curiosity always leads to asking more questions and it helps to increase intimacy and large conversations.

Less curious people on the other hand, always have small conversations. Closeness and intimacy are created by those people who are genuinely curious about somebody.

Having a curiosity to learn more about a person is a really good sign that you want to build a strong connection with them. When you know each other only then you can decide if you are compatible or not.

4. You find their actions super attractive

You notice everything about them like the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they smile, just everything and you become fond of all these things. You love to watch them doing anything and you just keep on noticing. It is the sign that tells you are in love with them.

5. You feel a sense of familiarity with them

When you meet him you don’t feel uncomfortable with them even not when you alone. It means you feel that you have met the person before and you’re not meeting them for the first time.

You find them familiar to you. If you feel comfortable then you can share your opinions and thoughts very easily with them. Because if you feel nervous about uncomfortable when they’re around then you can’t talk freely. This comfortable level shows your love for them.

Love at First Sight

6. You find your heart is beating really fast

When you are together or they’re around you then your heart starts beating really fast. Your body temperature becomes really hot. Your heart wants to tell you that he or she is the one whom you need.

7. The non-stop smile on your face

You keep smiling whole the day thinking about the person who is in your mind. The special things that give you happiness you just keep on thinking about them. You feel nostalgic and smiling for the whole day. This is the biggest proof that you love the person.

4 Characteristics of Love at First Sight

It’s about what kind of feeling this is so let’s have a look-

1. Love is first sight is usually not mutual

Love at first sight usually one-sided because this is not possible to have mutual feelings instantly that’s why many researchers reported that it is often one-sided and another one is unaware of this feeling.

It may happen that another person feels the same for you but it takes time because real love always needs time to grow.

2. Men experience this more than women

Many studies have elaborated that men experience love at first sight more than women because women are very selective about whom they might date. That’s why women experience this feeling less than men.

3. Most probably you fell in love at first sight with beautiful people

If you practically talk about love at first sight then it is a kind of mere attraction and we become attractive to the looks of any person.

Because at first sight we usually see the personality and looks of a person and they attract us toward them that’s why this usually happens with beautiful people.

4. Love, at first sight, is not exactly love

In real love, there are such kinds of feelings like compatibility, sacrifice, compromise, intimacy but in love, at first sight, there is nothing such feeling. Love takes a lot of time to grow and to build understanding between partners that’s why we may say attraction to this feeling which may convert in love later but not now.

Fake vs. Real

There is nothing like fake or real if you want to continue your feeling then your first sight love can convert into true love that will last forever but if you’re just attracted to the person due to their looks then it can’t be true because it’s mere attention.

  • It may be real if it will convert in love then a commitment.
  • It may be fake because it starts from an outer attraction, not the internal feeling.
  • It may be true if you really mean your feelings.
  • It may be fake if you just love their looks.

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