Maa ( माँ ) Kya Hoti Hai- Meaning, full form of maa & Importance of Mother

Maa kya hoti hai ye jan na hai? It’s too hard to explain her in words but still let me try. I think we’ve discussed so much about relationships so today let’s talk about a mother. I tried my best to explain- Maa ( माँ ) Kya Hoti Hai- Meaning, full form of maa & Importance of Mother, rest you decide.

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Thank you for visiting once again. You are most welcome to Today we’ll discuss some things about motherhood. I’ll share something about Maa ( माँ ) Kya Hoti Hai- Meaning, full form of maa & Importance of Mother. let’s start with the meaning of mother.

Meaning & Full form of Maa/Mother

There are no such words or any speech to understand this small word Maa. But still, I’ll try to make it more clear to you.

Sacrifice, courage, determination, toughness, soft heart, talent, guts. That’s what mothers are made of. She keeps you in her womb for nine months and she feels lucky to have you.

Breaking a bone is painful, right and a mother is a miraculous lady who gives birth to a baby after bearing the labor pain that is equal to the pain of breaking 206 bones at one time, but still, she bears, just to give a new life to a baby. Then she feeds it.

A mother always loves and cares for us in every way. She is like an angel without wings and also like a tree full of safe branches where her children can play and grow without any worries or insecurity. Never ever break the heart of your mother.

Importance of Mother
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A girl has three most important stages in her life:-

  • First when she becomes the daughter of somebody.
  • Second when she becomes the wife of someone.
  • Third when she becomes a mother. This one is the most important part of her life because she herself gives birth to a new life.

Full form of Maa & Mother


M- Matchless

A mother has no match and nobody can beat her and her courage. No proper words can describe the word MAA.

A- Actual

A mother’s love and care are real and accept her all others are temporary.

A- Affection

Mother is the lady who is full of affection and only your mother can love you to the way nobody can’t think of.


M- Miraculous

Mother is a lady who can do each and every task for their children. She can do things that are hard to believe.

O- Optimistic

The mother remains positive in each situation. She never leaves hope, never give up on the things she loves. She tries harder to deal with the circumstance.

T- Teacher

A mother is the first teacher of every kid. No matter if she is educated or uneducated she will always be the best advisor of you for the whole life. You will never fail in life if you follow her.

H- Handler

No matter what kind of situation is she has the guts to face all of them with an iron determination.

E- Encourager

She never lets you down whenever you’ll feel demotivated she will be there to motivate you. She works as your strongest support system.

R- Resourceful

She has the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties and problems. She can avail every resource to meet your needs.

Importance of Mother

Nobody can live without mother, she was with you from the first day of your life, the first word you said was MAA then how can you think of living without her? Let’s have a look at some lines on the importance of mother that are proven-

Importance of Mother
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#No one can care for you like her

She cares for every little thing of you and never forgets anything important related to you. No other person can care for you this much.

Importance of Mother
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#No one can understand you like her

She understands you even when you don’t speak up a word. She can read your feelings in your eyes and also she can feel your pain. This kind of understanding can never be seen anywhere.

#No one can help you like her

When you’ll be in trouble she will be the one who’ll always be there for you. She can help you with your every problem, you just have to discuss it with her clearly.

#No one can give wise advice like her

She is the lady with a lot of experiences in her life then how can she give you the wrong advice. Just discuss the matter once with her then you’ll see your problem is vanishing like magic. She can give you the best piece of advice.

Importance of Mother
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#She’ll make you believe in love at first sight because she did this

When she became a mother, she realized that there is such a thing as love at first sight because when you born she saw you for the very first time and she fell in love with you.

A mother starts loving you when you’re in her womb, she doesn’t even wait to love you after seeing you.  No one else can love anyone the same way she does.

Importance of Mother
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#A mother’s love is unconditional

Children don’t need to earn maternal love. It’s something that comes naturally. Every mother loves her children no matter what the circumstances are. She loves you from the bottom of your heart.

She can never be selfish and nobody can love as much as she does. If you want to understand the true and real meaning of love then ask her or notice her, you’ll be able to understand.

#A friend for life

In the role of a mother, you get a true, real and permanent friend for life who will always stand with you no matter what situations will be.

Importance of Mother
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#Mothers are the backbones of the family

A family can’t run smoothly without mothers because she is the lady who manages a house internally and even externally sometimes. She works as the backbone of the family as a human being can’t move ahead without a backbone so as a family.

#A support system to your dreams

Any other family member supports you or not but she is the one who will always support your dreams and help you to achieve them. She does every possible thing for you.

Importance of Mother
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#Teach you about wrong and right

You’re not well experienced but you start learning things and she helps you the most to differentiate between right and wrong. She tells you what is good for you and what is not. Trust her because she cares for you and wants you to be happy always.

Importance of Mother
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Can you imagine your life without mom? Tell me your answer below.

Maa vo hai jo apni khushiya, apne comforts, apni wishes, apne sapne, sirf apke lie sacrifice kar deti hai.

This word sacrifice is the real meaning of a mother.

Sacrifice = Mother

Some lines for a Mother

  • MAA mamta ki murat hoti hai,
  • Iski pyari si surat hoti hai
  • MAA ke rag-rag me basa hai pyar
  • MAA ko pujta hai sara sansar
  • MAA karuna ka sagar hai
  • MAA sneh ka chhalkti gagar hai
  • Kaise mai batau kya hoti hai MAA ????
  • Ye to usse puchho jiski MAA nahi hoti hai
  • MAA to jiwan jyoti hai
  • MAA sahnshilta ki nishani hai
  • MAA tyag aur balidan ki kahani hai
  • Kaise mai batu kya hoti hai MAA ????
  • MAA ka dil le nikal
  • Fir bhi MAA kahti hai jio mere laal
  • MAA ka hai bada komal swarup.
  • MAA balidan ka hai dusra rup
  • MAA ke gusse me bhi chhupa hota ahi pyar
  • MAA hai bhagwan ka avtar
  • Iska hum par hai bahut upkar
  • MAA bachho ki jaan hoti hai
  • kaise mai batau MAA kya hoti hai ????
  • Anch jab bachcho par aati hai
  • MAA dharan karti rup vikaral
  • MAA hai DURGA, MAA hai Kaali
  • MAA ki har baat nirali
  • Sun mere bandhu sun mere bhai
  • Meri baat me hai sachai
  • MAA ke man ko kabhi na dukhana
  • MAA ke man kabhi na thes pahuchana
  • MAA ke dil se jab nikalti hai aah
  • Ho jata hai sab kuchh tabah
  • MAA to hai bhagwan ka aashirwad
  • MAA ke aashirwad se hai ye jag aabad
  • kaise mai batau MAA kya hoti hai ????
  • MAA to jiwan ki jyoti hai
  • MAA phulo ki tarh najuk hoti hai
  • MAA to bahut hi bhawuk hoti hai
  • MAA ke aanchal me duniya hai
  • MAA ke kadamo me sansar
  • Wo bade kismat wale hote hai
  • Jinko milta hai MAA ka pyar
  • MAA to MAA hai, MAA to MAA hai
  • Kaise batau kya hai MAA ????

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