40+ Most Common Reasons of BREAKUP in Relationships in India 2019

Why do breakups happen? Want to know? Let’s discuss today why people leave after some time. Today we’ll talk about 40+ Most Common Reasons of BREAKUP in Relationships in India 2019.

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Welcome back to your own platform girlsdunia.com.  Let’s discuss today, some most common reasons of breakup. And if you’re facing a breakup then don’t do all these things which I’ll discuss today and you may read this to make your bond more strong and healthy.

What is a Breakup?

A breakup means the separation of two people who love each other or maybe loved each other. It is a kind of termination of a strong or loving relationship by any means other than death.

reason of breakup

This may happen due to dumping someone or due to any other reasons. Young couple nowadays makes relationships but they are not able to handle them that’s the main reason why breakups occur.

Let’s discuss a common story first

reason of breakup
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  • You messaged her first and she replied. You became friends and you started talking the whole day.
  • One day you realized you fall for her and you told her. After some time she accepted/confessed.
  • Then some days you talked nicely with her and she was mad for you, completely in love with you, totally mad.
  • She texted you the whole day, called you many times, waited for you but then you started thinking she’s mad and you started ignoring her.
  • She kept crying every second but still love you a lot then you came to know that things aren’t working and you decided to leave. Great!
  • She burst into tears, completely collapsed with her heart. That moment changed her so-called life.
  • The one whom she loved very much was about to leave. You made her a lifeless creature.
  • Some week girls decide to end up their lives, thoughts of suicide come in their minds.
  • I just want to ask one question. WHY dude WHY? If you can’t keep a relationship then why do you enter? Firstly you make someone habitat of you, then you come and say forget all this? I mean seriously? Is it a joke? You deem it so easy to play with someone’s feelings? How can your love vanish so quickly?
reason of breakup
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  • Have you ever thought, how she’d have controlled herself, her feelings? I don’t think you have ever thought of the situation she is facing.
  • If you can’t keep her if you can’t love her if you can’t live with her if you can’t marry her then please don’t spoil her life and even you don’t have a single right over her.
  • This same story can be for a boy but today I want to make guys realize that girls are not made for fun or any kind of time pass. They are someone’s mother, someone’s sister, open your mind, try to love her.
  • And let me make one very clear to you, give her your 100% then definitely she’ll give you her 1000%. You can never compete with a girl in loving if she truly loves you, because the level of patience of a girl is much higher than you can think.
  • And if there is a twist then it can be like, a girl leaves you because you compelled her for doing so and the rest of the story remains the same.

40+ Most Common Reasons of breakup in relationships

There are some most common and real reason of breakup, we’ll discuss today, Let’s have a look

1. Cheating

The most common reason of breakups nowadays is cheating or I say dumping. When your partner keeps another relationship other than you and obviously you can’t tolerate this kind of activity and you decide to leave.

reason of breakup
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2. Lying

This is the trend of today’s generation. The speaking lie is just a game of cards for them. A lie can never run a relationship that’s why breakups happen.

3. Bad habits

The fashion of youths like smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. this can also be a very big and appropriate reason of breakup. Nobody wants to live with a person who has bad habits.

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4. When you don’t give time to communicate with each other

As I always say communication is the life of a relationship and if you fetch its life then how can it move forward. This becomes the reason for day to day arguments and then the relationships end.

5. When you stop caring for each other

The relationship starts fading when you stop caring for each other. These cute and sweet things keep a relationship alive but when you stop it becomes a reason of breakup.

6. When you can’t fix each other’s mood

When you find yourself unable to fix each other’s mood and it has never been a good thing because if you can’t make each other smile when they don’t want to then there is no reason to continue.

7. When they always hurt you

You keep on trying to rescue the relationship but they maybe they don’t want to keep, that’s why they keep on hurting you again and again. This becomes the reason of breakup.

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8. You become fed up

When you know things are not working and you are fed up by doing all this over and over again but still, they’ve become bored of you.

9. Increase in arguments day by day

If your arguments are increasing day by day and you are unable to stop them, then it can become a reason for your breakup.

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10. You don’t see a future with your partner

If there is no way to be together in the future then there is no reason left to continue further it better to quit it.

11. You don’t want to fix things more

When you don’t want to make things better as before and you’ve been suffering from this for a long time, then you should discontinue.

12. When you don’t put any efforts into the relationship

One0-sided effort can never run a healthy relationship. When you stop putting efforts into a relationship then it starts breaking.

13. When your relationship starts affecting with arguments

Some arguments and fights are unhealthy for your relationship and even after solve your issue it is not the same as before then it increases gaps between you. These gaps become reason of breakup.

14. You are different from each other

You both have different choices, interests, and thinking and you are not able to cope-up with each other. If you can’t cooperate with each other then, it’s not working anymore.

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15. Trust is broken, the feeling is hurt

When your partner breaks your trust and your feelings become hurt. Broken trust is strongly unhealthy for a relationship.

16. Actions don’t line up with words

 When your partner can not stay in his own words. He says something else and does something else.

17. You become selfish and think only about yourself

When you don’t think about each other and start thinking only about yourself then the definition of love is not followed.

18. You and your partner don’t express your emotions similarly

You can’t express your feelings or emotions in front of your partner then, to whom you’ll speak up? This can be a big reason of breakup.

19. You refuse to compromise

If you won’t compromise then your fights or arguments can never end. If you love each other then, why can’t you make a few changes in yourself?

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20. You stay holding on to a past thing

You keep repeating the same thing over and over again that has no relevance at now. You keep a count on what good you did then why don’t you count what bad you did!

21. You don’t value your partner and see them as inferior 

When you start thinking them inferior and don’t value each other then it comes to an end.

22. You keep secrets

You keep a lot of secrets with each other. Hiding a truth is as painful as telling a lie.

23. You never take any blame

You never take the blame of any mistake even if actually you did it but still, you don’t want to recognize your mistake.

24. You don’t respect each other anymore

Respect is everything and a must-have quality in each and every person but if you stop respecting each other then, there is no way to sort.

25. You give up on each other easily 

You always end up giving up on each other and it is not a solution to the problem.

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26. You rely on your partner to start first

You become dependent on another one to make the first move if you love then why can’t you start talking first?

27. You don’t go out and spend some time

You don’t go on dates anymore, you don’t spend time with each other and also you are not much attentive to each other. Try to find out the reasons and the answer of Why?

28. You don’t forgive and forget   

Forgive and forget is the miraculous formula for any relationship but if you don’t follow this then, it will affect your relationship for sure.

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29. You don’t listen

When you don’t want to listen to anything and you don’t want to accept things anymore, it’s a red flag to give you a sign it’s done.

30. When the love between you doesn’t remain the same

When you both don’t love each other the same way as you did before and you stop caring for things that must be an issue of concern.

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31. When your relationship suffers from time gaps

After an argument you don’t talk for hours, days or maybe months then, these time gaps build a permanent distance between you both that can never be filled.

32. When you start assuming things without clarifying

When you assume things and start judging without clarifying it with your partner, these things create misunderstanding and this is the most common reason of breakup.

33. When you lose interest in each other

When you’re not as interested in each other as you used to before. With the increase in time, you start losing your interest.

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34. When you don’t give space to each other

When you keep on interfering in each other’s lives and you don’t give proper freedom or space to each other, it can be a reason for breaking up of your relationship.

35. When your understanding goes to zero

Without a good understanding, you can’t move a step in forwarding direction. If your understanding is a complete zero then there is no other reason required.

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36. You compare your relationship with others

You start comparing your relationship and partner with others and this is the most heart-breaking thing you can ever do.

37. Money 

This thing money can break each and every strong relationship then what is this in front of money. If one person is kept on spending all the money then it can be a reason.

38. Family Restrictions

Many breakups happen in India due to family restrictions or society rules as in caste, religion and many other standards fixed by them.

39. You become a judge to other’s mistake and a lawyer to your own

When you start giving explanations for your mistakes and don’t want to hear any from another person.

40. You never compliment each other

You don’t praise each other. You never say how lucky you are to have each other. Complements keep your relationships alive.

41. When you start taking each other for granted

Once again, I said never take each other for granted but you did then the result is here. You broke up!

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Best relationships always bring out the best in you. All relations are not perfect but healthy relations bring you up not down. Always love your partner. I hope you liked the article on “40+ Most Common Reasons of BREAKUP in Relationships in India 2019”. I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps of rules for the relationship, express love and make your relationship healthy, strong and evergreen.

Let me know what problem you’re facing in your relationship whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

Thank you very much for giving me your precious time for reading this article, see you soon in my next article till then Keep loving keep supporting keep sharing! Have a wonderful day.

Now you have taken this knowledge about the reason of breakup so let your friends improve their relationship better so share this with them.


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