70+ Funny & Cute Nicknames for Girls in 2019

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If you’re looking for a cute and sweet nickname then this post will not disappoint you. You can call these names to the one whom you love the most.

nicknames for girls

Unique and Sweet Nicknames for girls

What is nickname?

Nickname is something that you call someone with some cute and short names in love. So here are some unique nicknames for girls.

I have categorized these names into four parts:-

  1. For sister
  2. For Friend
  3. For girlfriend/Wife
  4. For daughter


nicknames for girls
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  • Angel:- Every girl can be called as an Angel and there is no girl in the world who doesn’t like to be called an angel.
  • Betu:- This is a very sweet name, we can call anybody by this name whom we love a lot.
  • Bandriya:- When you want to tease her, this will be a perfect name for her.
  • Bhondu:- When she acts very cutely in front of you, you can call her with this loving name.
  • Choti/Chutki:- This one is very cute for small kids and for the one whom you treat as a kid.
  • Cutiepie:- This one is self-explanatory, for the one who is really cute and sweet as pie. Girls love to be called by this name.
  • Duggu:- The name with a lot of love, care and affection, this one is my favorite.
  • Motu/Moti:- Brothers love to call their sisters by this name whether she is fat or not.
  • Mithi:- This name is itself defining its specialty, this one is for sweetness.
  • Molu:- It’s a very cute and sweet name to call your sister.


nicknames for girls
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  • Bhongi:- This is also a funny and cute name for the one whom you want to tease.
  • Buddhu:- Who is very simple and less talkative, this one is perfect.
  • Billu:- This is derived from the meaning of cat, friends use this name to tease each other.
  • Pikachu:- It’s a fictional creature that appears in video games and also a very cute nickname.
  • Paglu:- This name is really helpful to make anybody smile in any situation.
  • Giraffe:- Friends call each other from animal’s name and this is one from them.
  • Teddy bear:- Who looks fluffy and still cute, this one is a perfect name.
  • Panda:- This one is for lots of cuteness as like as a panda.


nicknames for girls
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  • Baby:- When you want to make her feel special then this is the most common and most used name and each girl likes this name.
  • Babe:- Babe means a girl who is very beautiful and this name will describe her perfectly.
  • Bae:- “Before anyone else”, When she is your first priority.
  • Beloved:- Whom you loved the most, this one is awesome.
  • Barbie doll:- When she has a perfect figure, you can call her your Barbie doll.
  • Babu:- When you want to pamper her like an innocent kid then this name is perfect and very sweet to be called.
  • Bacha:- When she is so cute and you want to give her special attention, you can her by this name.
  • Cherry:- This name is very sweet as much as the sweetness of cherry.
  • Cupcake:- This one is the sweetest as like as a cupcake.
  • Chocopie:- It’s a classy, charming and sweet name.
  • Gorgeous:- This one is an evergreen and most liked name. Girls love it.
  • Gannu:- When she teases you, then it can be a loving name.
  • Guggu:- It is also cute and unique.
  • Jaan:- It defines what she means to you, this will make her fall for you.
  • Kittu:- Its is a very lovely name to call your girlfriend.
  • Queen:- If she is the queen of your heart then don’t let her forget it.
  • Shona:- It means you’re calling her beautiful.
  • Maattoo:- It’s a cute Punjabi name, perfect for your Punjabi girlfriend.
  • Nonu:- It’s a loving name, liked by all.
  • Sweetie/ Sweetu:- Perfect for the one who talks very sweetly.
  • Sweetheart:- Your girl has a sweet heart, so remind her of.
  • Wifey:- To make her feel more important and special that you own her.


nicknames for girls
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If you want to give a pet name to your daughter then continue reading, there are many unique and lovely nicknames for your daughter.

Chinu Gogo Mishu Nannu
Doll Ishu Mannu Nannu
Ginnu Kuku Meethu Nona
Guddu Kinnu Mana Princess
Guddiya Laddu Mugluu Pari
Gollu Laadoo Mauni Pinku
Gulluu Muggu Niki Tannu
Gunnu Minni Noni Vanshi

I hope you liked nicknames for girls. So go ahead spread love, Express your feelings by saying these cute nicknames whom you love and let me just know which name you liked the most by commenting below.

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