Paracosm- The Imaginary World of Your Own and a Panacea solution

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What is a Paracosm or Imaginary World?

We all read many books of fiction and watch fiction movies that take us to a different land which is our dreamland. Right?  Paracosm is a fiction world including people and creatures and even outsiders or other dream characters.

Paracosm is nothing much, it’s just you watched something in any movie, video or anything else and you started assuming things about them including you, in short, you create a different world of your thoughts. Then you start living it daily and of course, you are happy in it. It goes forward daily something as our real life goes.

imaginary world

Do you feel scared of sleep in depression? The reason being, when you try to sleep, all the things that bother you start coming in your mind and again you start thinking about them deeply.

But when you start living in an imaginary world then you do wait to sleep and to go in your own world because before sleeping time is the best time to live it and it will fall you sleep very easily.

imaginary world

People take their creative mind and their fiction world past points to make a world of thoughts which prompts a condition called, Paracosm. The world has its very own topography, history, and even language. This condition is normally experienced during youth and kids in their childhood.

Some Information

Source India today

  • Paracosm was coined in 1976 by Ben Vincent.
  • It was first explained by a researcher named Robert silvey.

How can it help you?

This can help you in many ways and some of the important things are discussed as below:-

Avoid depression

Depression is something that bothers you to follow your daily routine. Paracosm helps to avoid sadness and mental stress.

It gives you peace of mind and stops you to think about unnecessary things that are not good for your health. It keeps you away from all the thoughts that are not good for you.

imaginary world

Keep you happy

It helps to remain happy all the time. It gives you inner happiness and helps you to recover soon. In this situation, you just don’t need anybody to make you feel happy. You feel automatic happiness when you start enjoying this world or its presence in your mind.

imaginary world

Helps to sleep

It gives you relaxation and a break from whatever you’re facing and suffering. You find difficulty in sleeping because when you try to sleep those thoughts come in your mind about them you don’t want to think.

So the idea of an imaginary world helps you to sleep because you’re happy in it and once you forget your real world and its problem it will become very easy to sleep.

Enhances creativity

Childs in their childhood usually create these kinds of world. They think about what they want and start creating a world about how could it possible or anything else they watched somewhere. It makes them more creative about new things and many skills develop in them.

imaginary world

Best pastime

This can be a very interesting pass time for those who have sufficient time. As many people invest their free time to follow their interests like reading novel, playing games etc. , this can also a pastime to spend time.

The only side effect of the imaginary world is-

When it starts dominating your mental health

This can be very harmful when it starts dominating over you. It can make you mentally unstable but only if you let it do so. So be careful for this condition.

I personally do this and also I recommend this but the only condition is that don’t let it dominate over you. The purpose is just to be happy for some time and get relaxed by avoiding all the fucks of your life.

Otherwise, the reality is a reality and nobody can change the truth. The only thing you can do is you can avoid your heartbreaks by creating your own world.

And then you’ll see very soon that

  • You become busy in your life and also you will forget about everything
  • the problems,
  • the heartbreaks,
  • and even your imaginary world.
  • It simply means this will let you learn to live your life once again and this time better than before.

Give it a try I trust this will really help you to stay happy. This will help you to stay alone and enjoy your own company. Also, it will help you to think better and unique.

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