What are Period Time-How Girls feel, Precautions & Tips 2019

People can commit rape easily and even they can talk about them publically but they feel shame talking about periods and buying pads publically. Wah re wah India what a growth! Let’s talk about the period time of the girls.

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Periods are also a stage of life nothing much then why people feel shame? Today we’ll talk about periods and how girls feel during it, period time, how much pain she has to handle because I really don’t care what people think about me and what they say behind my back.

I know that periods are the biggest and permanent problem for a girl. Also, I am not a Doctor or I don’t have any professional knowledge about all this stuff but I am a girl and whatever I am writing, I’m writing from my own experience.

So if I write something wrong then please excuse me, my purpose is to make you guys understand my point. Now let’s talk about what a girl feels during her periods? What struggles she has to face?

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What are the periods or Menstruation?

In very simple words, A period is a release of blood from a girl’s uterus and comes out through her vagina. A period starts because of changes in hormones in the body.

When do most girls get their periods?

Most girls get their first period around the age of 12. But getting in any time between age 10 and 15 is all right. Each girl’s body has a different schedule. And around the age of 45-50, it stops permanently.

For the first few years after a girl starts her period, it may not come regularly. This is very normal at the start but after 2-3 years after her first period, a girl’s periods should come once in every 4-5 weeks.

And if not then you must go to a physician/gynecologist, about irregular periods we’ll discuss in a further post. Periods usually last about 5 days but it may be last shorter or longer.

What is PMS?

PMS is a premenstrual syndrome when a girl has emotional and physical symptoms that happen before or during period days. These symptoms can be like moodiness, sadness, anxiety, and acne. These symptoms go away after some days of period.

What girls feel during period-Time?

A man or a boy can never understand this feeling because without such experience this feeling is really hard to understand but I’ll try to make it more clear:-

period time cramps
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1) The constant fear of bleeding through clothes

Even after having pads girls have a constant fear of staining their clothes with blood. It makes them feel very stressed and worried during her period time.

2) The constant cramps

Girls feel constant pain in their stomach and it feels like the biggest disaster that will never leave her.

3) Having to change pads/tampons in every 4-6 hours

Due to medical reasons, it is advisable to change pads every 4-6 hours but it’s a big thing to do all this again and again.

4) Having to deal with a lot of mood swings

Because of cramps, pain, itching girls deal with a lot of mood swings.

  • They become irritating at any time.
  • Becomes annoying.
  • They don’t want to talk to anybody.
  • Sometimes want to live alone and many times want more love, affection and pamper treatment.

5) Waterfall of blood

When you stand up it feels like a waterfall of blood from your vagina. And then you decide not to stand, just sit all the time.

6) No mood to eat anything

They don’t want to eat that boring food and it makes them more annoying.

7) The constant fear that you smell bad

Girls feel like they’re smelling bad because of blooding even they don’t.

8) Cramps, cramps and fucking cramps again and again

Stomach cramps are the worst thing of periods because everything can be handled but these cramps are just impossible.

9) Feeling over emotional

The mood becomes very emotional and most of the time it’s like crying but still can’t do anything. They want to share with someone but can’t do it.

10) Back pain, leg pain, full-body feels alike died

It feels like there is no life left in the body. Full body pains like hell but there is no other option except bearing all the pain.

11) Itching and irritation

Because of heavy bleeding, itching starts in a girl’s vagina and it irritates them a lot.

12) Depression

Many girls start living in depression because sometimes “it rules a girl’s life”. They don’t want to go anywhere at school/college because of cramps, they just want to live alone in a room.

13) Panicking over trivial issues

Girls start panicking over trivial issues that should not be a big concern but they start making it bigger than actually, it is.

14) Lack of sleep

Girls feel discomfort and it losses their sleep, they can’t sleep well at night.

15) Facing the world

If she moves slowly during her periods then she has to hear some statements from boys like “Oh! Someone on their period”, I mean this is really great.

16) Social myths

Girls have to face many myths of society like:-

  • Girls are impure during her period time
  • They can’t cook food during her period of time
  • Girls can’t enter to any sacred place and can’t touch any sacred thing during periods.
  • They can’t touch pickles.

But periods are just nature’s way of saying you’re growing up. There is nothing impure about periods.

And after all why girls bear all this fuck? Just to give birth to a baby, to increase the family and the world

Some tips for managing menstrual mood swings:-

  1. Firstly, Use cotton pads in summer, it will give you some comfort and you’ll not get irritated easily.
  2. Eat nicely, You may change your foodstuff if you don’t want to eat that boring food but at least eat something, it will make you feel better.
  3. Sleep well for at least 7 hours, whether you’re comfortable or not. This is really important to sleep well during your period of time.
  4. Do something interesting and just make yourself busy with it, it will help you to divert your mind into any other direction.

Some Precautions for handling cramps:-

period time foment
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  1. Don’t eat cold things and don’t drink cold water for at least two days.
  2. You should not lift heavy weights.
  3. Don’t take too much stress, just be relaxed.
  4. Foment your stomach with a warm water bottle.
  5. Avoid taking painkillers but if the pain is unbearable then you may take a Maftalspass, Naproxen or any other pill according to your physician because bearing so much pain is also not a good thing for your health.
  6. You can take some ajwain and salt with warm water, it will relief you.

What a boy can do?

period time
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  1. Don’t make herself dis-comfortable in front of you whether you’re her boyfriend, friend or even brother.
  2. Just take care of her, she needs more love and care during these days.
  3. Give her chocolates, sweet things help to lighten her mood.
  4. Don’t feel shy about buying pads for her, it will make her feel proud of you.

I hope you liked this article “What are periods time”. Let me know what you think about the period whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

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Information source of “what is period” is kids health.


Should we use pads or tampons?

It completely depends on how you feel comfortable but it is more advisable to use cotton pads.

Is there anything serious if period last for more than a week?

Nothing to worry but you can also meet a physician to consult better.

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