Pregnancy- The cycle of 9 months, signs, tips & changes in body

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Welcome back to your own place Today we’ll discuss a very important topic that is pregnancy. It is the most important stage in a woman’s life because only she has the power to give a new life to a baby. Bearing labor pain is the toughest task in the world but women are strong enough to handle them. Today I share, Pregnancy- The cycle of 9 months, signs, tips & changes in body.

What is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a stage in which a woman is ready to give birth to a new life. According to science, it is a term that is used to describe the state of carrying a fetus or embryo in a female’s womb.

With the help of Urine tests, blood tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, pregnancy kit and detection of a fetal heartbeat, it can be confirmed whether a woman is pregnant or not.


Pregnancy usually lasts for nine periods and this period starts from the last menstruation cycle of a woman. The periods of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters which are roughly three months long each.

We’ll discuss each trimester one by one. Let’s start with the beginning the signs of pregnancy, then the first trimester and so on.


  1. Signs of pregnancy
  2. First trimester
  3. Second trimester
  4. Final trimester
  5. Signs of labor

##Signs of Pregnancy

Missed periods can give a sign that you’re pregnant but that’s not enough there are many other symptoms to take an idea or your pregnancy but in missed periods or these signs are not always true that you’re actually pregnant. You must consult a doctor and their tests will confirm you for sure.

Nausea High blood pressure
Fatigue Faster heartbeats
Frequent urination Acne
Morning sickness Sudden weight gain
Mood swings Breast and nipple changes
Temperature changes Pregnancy glow

Three Trimesters-

A woman during pregnancy experiences three trimesters which are approximate of three months each. There are a lot of physical and mental changes occur during these trimesters. The size of the belly and the baby varies each month.


## First trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester usually lasts from the first week of pregnancy to the end of the 12th week or maybe 13th week in some cases.

It is the most important time period of pregnancy because during this period the basic fetal cell differentiation occurs which means the fertilized egg rapidly divided into layers of cells and implants in the wall of your womb where the baby carries on growing.

These layers of the cell become an embryo, a baby is called embryo at this stage. A lot of things occur during this period.

  • The size of the baby grows faster than any other trimesters.
  • After approximately six weeks the heartbeats of a baby can be heard.
  • After the end of the 12th week, the bones, muscles and all other organs of the baby have been formed.
  • At this stage, the baby looks like a tiny human being and it is called a fetus after twelve weeks.
  • The mother may experience many physical and emotional changes in her body.
  • Morning sickness and nausea on waking are experienced by many women during the first trimester.
  • You should not do any careless activity during your first trimester because a small mistake can result in miscarriage or any other serious disability.

4 Changes in your body during the first trimester-

There is a lot of changes occur during your first trimester some of them are listed below-

1. Stomach growth

During your first trimester, your stomach doesn’t grow big because during this time period your baby is very small and you can notice another change in body but your stomach looks almost normal as other days.

2. Morning sickness

You always feel nausea and sickness in the morning as well as the whole day. Your body may feel nausea each half an hour. You may feel up then down then up and so on. Your body feels very weak and you just don’t want to do anything.

3. Breasts changes

You’ll notice a lot of changes in your breasts after 6 weeks. You’ll feel like your old breasts have gone somewhere and these are not yours.

4. Mood swings

During this period you mood can change in every minute. You feel annoying to every person and don’t want to talk to anybody.

But if you have any history of depression or think it might be more serious, then it is advisable to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Some tips for body changes-

  • Schedule your sleep and prioritize it. Sleep when you want.
  • Daytime naps are compulsory
  • Drink a lot of liquid substance during the day, especially water. But don’t drink a lot of around before bedtime.
  • Always sleep on your left side this is the best position to sleep, it helps to circulate your blood and digest your food properly.
  • To avoid nausea you may eat some bland snacks like crackers.

Some tips to follow during the first trimester-

You must care for a lot of things during the first trimester some of them are listed below-

Choose right gynecologist

There are a lot of gynecologists options but you have to pick the best from the rest that must be according to your needs and well experienced.

You may choose an OB-GYN or a family physician but that must be mature enough to deal with your case in the best possible way.

Start a prenatal vitamin

Prenatal vitamins are supplements that contain mineral and vitamins that you need in your body during the period of pregnancy.

You should start a prenatal vitamin immediately if you haven’t started yet. This vitamin helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

Visit your first OB-GYN and visit regularly

OB-GYN is an obstetrician-gynecologist or a health care professional that has specialization in female reproductive health. You should visit regularly to an ob-gyn for the consultancy and safe period.

Proper diet

You must eat a proper diet during your first trimester. It’s the time to cut all your unhygienic food and start a healthy diet for the health of your baby.

Health insurance options

You may look into some health insurance options because the cost of pregnancy may be very expansive if don’t have a health insurance policy and this cost varies based on many factors. So it’s time to take a good insurance policy at a low cost.

Exercise for fitness

There are a lot of exercises for fitness during pregnancy and exercising in pregnancy is totally safe, you just need to take some extra care than regular days.

Exercise is beneficial for your own health and your baby’s health. So, schedule a 30-minute physical exercise during pregnancy.

Prepare a budget

A baby comes with a lot of expansive it’s good that you’re growing your family but you should estimate your budgets and learn the cost of having a baby, then set up a budget accordingly.

Have sex, if you want

There is nothing to worry about doing sex during pregnancy, it is totally safe. In fact, it is beneficial for mother and baby both.

You may plan to announce the news

During your first trimester, there is a lot of risk of miscarriage and you don’t want to tell anybody. But after the first trimester, you may tell your friends and if you’re a working woman, then you may tell your boss also and don’t forget to research the maternity policies of your company.

Start thinking about your baby name

You may consider some names for your baby if you haven’t chosen any. You may select some names for both a baby girl and a baby boy.

##Second trimester of Pregnancy

It usually starts after 12 or 13 weeks of your pregnancy. This is the middle three months of your pregnancy and when you really start feeling that you’re actually pregnant because at now you can tell everybody that you’re pregnant.

You start to feel and look more pregnant these days and also you look more energetic these days than your first trimester. But you get a great relief these days because you have been struggling with tiredness, morning sickness, depression, etc. from three months and not you get some relief.

  • It is advisable to go for some tests of blood and ultrasound scan this scan shows how your baby is growing and whether everything is alright or not. If there are any causes of concern then your doctor may treat.
  • During the second trimester, your baby is almost developed, and even it starts to move. You can feel its movement in your body.

12 Changes in the body during the second trimester

Your body and your baby starts growing big during the second trimester and a lot more changes occur-

1. Stretch marks

As your stomach grows the skin of your body starts stretching tight. The elastic fibers under the skin may tear and this causes some kind of marks they are known as stretch marks.

Most probably stretch marks occur around your belly and breast. Unfortunately, there is not any solution for preventing stretch marks, not every woman gets stretch marks but this is very common.

Doctors recommend trying to manage your weight and there are many creams and lotions that are available in the market but their results are not proven.

You should keep your skin moisturized to avoid itchiness. These marks fade after pregnancy.

2. Breast changes

Your breasts keep on growing after your first trimester because it has to enlarge milk glands. Breasts become bigger than it was during the first trimester.

These changes occur to prepare your body for breastfeeding. You notice that your skin around your nipples darkens. Colostrum may discharge from your breasts it looks yellowish in color. 

3. Swelling

  • Your face, ankles, and hands may swell during your second trimester and this is very normal nothing to worry.
  •  You should massage your feet with mustard oil it will help to remove or lessen swelling.

4. Skin changes

There may be many changes occur in your skin for example-

  • Dryness in skin
  • Itchiness, especially on the belly
  • Patches of darkened skin
  • Sunburn might harm you more easily
  • Make sure you apply sunscreen before going outside.

5. Leg pain

This is very common because your growing baby puts the pressure on your nerves and blood vessels go to your legs. Make sure you sleep on your side and most preferably on left rather than back.

6. Aching pelvis, back, and hips

Your growing belly puts pressure on your back and this can harm your pelvis, back, and hips, They may pain but this is very normal because your bones are preparing for childbirth.

7. Heartburn

During second trimester heartburn may start because your growing uterus presses on your belly that can force food and acid into your esophagus which causes burn.

8. Stomach pain

You may experience pain in your belly. This pain can occur due to growing uterus and it can be mild or cramp.

9. Loose teeth

Sometimes pregnancy hormones may affect the bones in your mouth that may loosen your teeth. If your gums are bleeding or swelling then contact your dentist. Your teeth return to normal after pregnancy.

10. Bleeding gums and nosebleeds

This situation occurs because of the increased flow of blood in your mouth and nose. You should put cold water over your head.

11. Braxton hicks contraction

It is the situation of the tightening of your uterine muscles. It is also a way to prepare your uterus for the labor and delivery of a baby. This may discomfort you and it makes your belly tight and hard.

Call your doctor if it is becoming painful. It might be premature labor. This situation also called false labor.

12. Urinary tract infections (UTI)

This infection can develop in the second trimester. Hormonal changes in the body slow the flow of urine and your bladder doesn’t empty properly.

Untreated UTIs can cause premature labor. Discuss to your doctor and have proper treatment.

Some tips to follow in the second trimester

You may include tips I discussed for the first trimester and here are some added other tips for your better second trimester-

Go for a massage

Massage can solve many problems during pregnancy, it will help you to remove all aches and pains away and make you feel relax and sleep better.

Remove unwanted hair

You’re growing a baby and you don’t require to grow jungle on your body. It’s totally safe to wax your unwanted hair.

Go for a Babymoon

As you go for the honeymoon you may go to a babymoon. Talk to your partner and plan to go somewhere. This trimester is the best to relax and chill. You may enjoy and reconnect things before your baby comes.

Buy some new footwear

During this period your feet swell just like your belly. You don’t feel comfortable in your regular shoes so buy some new shoes that are comfortable to wear and must be low heels with a large size.

Sleep on left side

You must sleep on your left side because it will help to digest your food and circulate your blood properly in the body. This is the best positive to sleep at night as well as day.

Buy some loose clothes

Your stomach will increase too much that your old clothes will not fit your body. So buy some new clothes that are loose enough to fit your body size.

Drink more liquid

Drinking more liquid things will help you to avoid the problem of constipation. Drink a lot of water and avoid drinking before going to bed.

Moisturize stretch marks

It is very difficult to avoid stretch marks during this period but you may ease your body by giving some moisture to the dry skin of belly, breasts and other affected areas.

Plan your maternity leave

It is the right time to ask your boss about the scheduling of your maternity leave. Before taking any step just go through the policies of the company carefully. Then ask about the flexible hours, work from home till then your baby comes.

You may take some childbirth classes

To know more about the labor and delivery period you may take a childbirth class this will prepare you for your delivery and labor. You may talk to your doctor, friends, and elders to know more.

Get your nutrients

Take some nutrients to keep your body healthy. You may keep a food diary and note all the necessary things on it.

##Third trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester is your final three months of pregnancy, seven, eight and nine. During this time period, your fetus enters the final stage of birth. It starts gaining weight rapidly and mother too.

The fetus moves in the woman’s lower abdomen. Mother experiences swelling in ankles, back pain during this period.

  • The final trimester needs a lot of care for you and your baby’s health.
  • Your baby still continues to grow. It is most advisable to you never sleep on your back during the final trimester.
  • The tiredness you felt before will return. Day nap is a good idea.
  • You’ll feel every time your baby is moving.
  • Your baby may kick your belly from inside.
  • This time you’ll feel more emotional because it the last stage and your wait to see your baby is going to end.

12 Changes in the body during the final trimester

Many changes occur during the final stage of this period some of them are listed under-

1. Abdominal pain

The muscles that support the uterus will continue to stretch and this may be painful to the abdomen.

2. More weight gain

During your final trimester, your baby has grown up completely and it has gained enough weight also so your body will also gain some extra weight.

3. Breast discharge

Your breast may discharge a liquid that is known as colostrum, it is yellow in color. This liquid will be your baby’s first food.

4. Shortness of breath

As your uterus grows there is less room left for your lungs to expand for breathing so you may face difficulty in breathing.

5. Vaginal discharge

Your vagina starts to discharge and it may increase but if you see blood then call your doctor.

6. Breast growth

Your breasts still grow because your nipples are preparing for breastfeeding.

7. Stretch marks

There are more chances of an increase in stretch marks during the final trimester because your belly grows completely in this trimester.

8. Aching back, legs and pelvis

You may feel pain in your legs, pelvis, and back. Avoid sleeping on you back.

9. Less fetal movement

Your baby moves in the lower abdomen and there it has fewer rooms to move so it may move less but if you are concerned due to its moving then call your doctor.

10. Puffiness

Your ankle, face area and hands may swell but a lot of swelling is not good for you so discuss with your elders or your doctor.

11. Varicose veins

These veins are painful, swollen and usually bluish in color beneath the surface area of your skin.

Veins are caused by-

  • Pregnancy hormones cause the walls of veins.
  • Constipation
  • Increased fluid
  • Pressure on your growing uterus, it slows blood circulation.

12. Tingling and numbness

Your body swelling may press on nerves that cause tingling and numbness. Stretching skin may feel numb.

Some tips to follow during the final trimester

Some things to keep in mind are mentioned below-


Give extra attention to sleep. Because you can keep yourself healthy and safe by getting more sleep. Have some naps in the daytime. Sleep on your left side, avoid strictly to sleep on your back.

Have sex

During your final trimester, you start losing the desire for sex but it is still ok to have sex. But use some comfortable positions.

Prepare for the birth

Make sure you are mentally prepared for giving birth to take some classes for labor knowledge and prepare yourself mentally and physically both.

Read about newborn care

Keep reading something about pregnancy and the birth of the baby also read about how to take care of your newborn baby.

Prepare for the breastfeeding

You’re going to enter a new stage where you’ll have to feed your baby and if you are experiencing pregnancy for the very first time it will be a new experience for you so be ready to feed your baby through your breasts.

Pack your hospital bag

Pack your bag for the hospital accordingly. Put every necessary thing in it.

Eat well

Take care of your diet and eat healthy food. This will help you to make a strong body to give birth to your baby.

Enjoy your baby movements

This feeling is the out of the world so try to enjoy this feeling when your baby kicks or it moves.

Embryo development


## Signs of Labor –

Discuss with your doctor about the signs of labor, he will tell you the expected time of your labor and when to call. Here are some common signs you may feel before labor-

  • You may feel constant cramp or backache before labor pain begins.
  • Braxton hicks contractions may happen more and become stronger, this is the most common cause of labor pain.
  • Your baby may change its position, its head moving down in the pelvis. It may reduce some of your belly fat.

Pregnancy ends with the birth process begins.

The size of the stomach varies week to week and month to month.

I really hope you would like the article on “Pregnancy- The cycle of 9 months, signs, tips & changes in body”. This stage of life needs utmost love and care so follow the tips provided by me and have a safe period.  I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps.

Let me know what you think about this stage whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

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