15 Practical Tips to Develop Reading habits-Importance & Necessity in 2019

Don’t you want to read? Get bored easily? Don’t worry today we’ll talk about why the reading habits are necessary and how you can develop it.

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Let’s discuss why you don’t want to read

सबको  वीडियो,  ऑडियो  देखना  सुनना,  पसंद  है  राइट? पर कभी  ये  सोचा  है  की  वीडियो  ऑडियो  तो  यार  एक अनपढ़  इंसान  भी  देख,  सुन  सकता  है  फिर  आप  लोग  इतना  पढ़  के  क्या अलग कर रहे हो? इतना  पढ़ा और अब आ कर  रीडिंग  ही  छोड़  दी  तो  फिर  क्यों  पढ़ा ? Give a minute to it and start thinking. Develop your reading habits, give it some time and please be in touch with words! And this post is not particularly for girls because reading habit is necessary for all.

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What is Reading

Reading is an active process of understanding meanings of words. Reading helps readers to get more information and knowledge.

11 Reasons Why Reading Habit is Important for you:-

reading habits
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  1. Awareness

Reading helps to aware you about the things that are happening in the surroundings. You get some information regarding some trending topics, news, etc. Also if you read any book then this also aware you about that particular topic.

2) Improves communication

It helps to increase your communication skills. It solves the problems of language, vocabulary, and regular reading can do wonders for you and for your communication skills. It gives you new words to learn.

3) Imparts knowledge

It gives you knowledge about different topics which may help you somewhere so it’s good to read different books. Gaining more knowledge about the topics helps to build your self-confidence stronger.

4) Fight with insomnia

Most of the Young generation is suffering from insomnia, reading helps to solve this problem loss of sleep, anxiety because of books aid your sleep naturally. It is highly recommended by psychology that people should think about healthy thoughts before going to bed.

5) Better ability to comprehend

People who read are able to understand serious problems and analyze the cause and effect scenario sincerely. They develop a better sense of understanding that the people who don’t read. Don’t be too rude on yourself, take pleasure in reading.

6) Build personality

“ You become what you read” this is completely matching with this point. Books help you to discover the hidden you, it makes you understand “what you are and what you can be!” It enhances your moral values, social involvement, industrial awareness, and many other aspects.

7) Makes life more interesting

It helps to make your life more interesting because long days of summer are difficult to pass, the book can prove magic in this season. You just need some patience then you’ll enter a new world.

8) Explores the world of fiction

You can select a book for reading according to your choice and you’re completely free to explore the world of fiction.

9) Widens your thinking

Reading helps to increase the area of your thinking, it open-ups your thoughts and helps to be a better person than before.

10) Peaceful treat for mind

Books help to keep your mind away from all the stress and give a feeling of peace to your busy life.

11) Readers are Leaders

Reading keeps a person updated to the day to day life and current affairs. It is observed that leaders are regular readers. You can read a biography of successful people and it will help you to enhance your leadership qualities.

How to Develop Reading Habits in 15 steps

It can be difficult but it is not impossible you can develop reading habits after making some efforts so let’s have a look:-

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  1. Determination of reading

First of all, You must determine that you have to read and you will. After a strong determination, no other thing can provoke for not reading. Just be confident and proceed further. Your reading habits will definitely develop.

2) Set particular Time

You should decide a particular time for reading. No matter what you are doing whether you’re eating and free to read, the purpose is to read. In the beginning, you may read for just 5-10 minutes and after some time it will increase accordingly.

3) Select book/topic of your choice

Never read something forcefully, just read those topics in which you’re comfortable. Interesting books will help you to read more, understand more. So always decide books which match your interests.

4) Always carry a book

You can carry a book inside your bag. Any time you become free or feeling bore you can start reading anywhere, it will be a great way to pass the time.

5) Make a list of books

You can make a list of the books you want to read they can of your favorite authors and if you don’t know about the book you may research them according to your interest.

6) Reduce Television/Internet

You should reduce the time of television and the internet and you can use the saved time in reading. This may be really difficult for a new generation but you can give it a try.

7) Find a quiet place

When you want to read just find a quiet and peaceful place whether inside the house or outside it. A peaceful place will help you to read more and understand better.

8) Make it pleasurable

Make your book your favorite pass time, spend more and more time it. Make yourself comfortable have some tea or coffee and sit comfortably on a chair. Rest it will work as a therapy for you.

9) Keep a personal blog

You can keep a personal blog with you and can write anything on it according to your interest. This will enhance more perfection and interest in reading.

10) Visit to Book festivals

You can visit to book festivals. There you’ll meet some new people and get to know about new books. It will help you to cultivate more interest in reading stuff.

11) Take suggestions from your friends

You can take recommendations from your friends about new books, what they like, which book is more helpful and interesting this can give you better stuff to read.

12) Visit used book shops

You should visit some used book shops, where you can give away your old books and can take some other books in exchange.

13) Aim High

Always set a great goal that will help you do whatever you want to do, this will motivate you at each step of your life. Setting Goals are always helpful to achieve them because if you don’t know what you want then for what you will make effort?

14) Read more and more stuff

Firstly the main purpose is to read whether you do understand the matter or not, you may ignore it just focus on reading, after a few days you’ll find a change that you have been developing a good understanding with your books.

15) Always read alone

If you want to better understand the topic then you must read alone in quiet place because group studies may be good but this is not the best for reading. Being alone your concentration level will be very high.


                      Reading is the most effective investment you can do and you will get the return on investment for the complete life to develop the habit of reading. Reading habits can transform your life completely. If you don’t read there is no difference between you and the person who can’t read.

I hope you liked this article “Reading habits”. Let me know what you think about Reading whether you’re a girl or a boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

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Would reading comics or novels help me develop a reading habit?

Yes, Novels are the best option to start from and it will make your visual understanding better because you start making images in your mind of what you read.

Can I force myself to read when I don’t feel like?

Yes, you can if it is more important than anything else. Set a time first and then follow other steps as discussed above.

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