25+ Signs & Qualities of Best Friend Forever 2019

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Thanks for visiting once again. You are most welcome to girlsdunia.com. So what you want to know about a best friend? Today we’ll discuss everything about the best friend, we will discuss 25+ Signs & Qualities of Best Friend Forever 2019. First of all, let’s have a look at the meaning of a friend and a best friend.

A friend and best friend are different from each other. Best friends are for a lifetime commitment and friends maybe for some time.

What is a Friend?

A friend is someone with whom you meet in your school/college and limited space you share with them. Limited means if you are school friends then this is most probably limited to your school.

What is a Best Friend?

A best friend is a rare kind of creature that is hard to find and obviously very difficult to maintain. In fact, best friend is the person with whom you plan your complete life, your date, your marriage, your honeymoon, your baby, everything.

The best friend is something who never let you suffer alone in your hard times. A whole life friend whom you can rely on without any fear or insecurity.

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15+ Sign of Best Friend Forever

There are some signs or factors that will help to check how much your relationship is strong and are you leading a normal friendship or the best friendship, let’s just go through on it:-

1. The Trust factor is high

If you and your friend trust each other a lot, even you trust each other behind their backs then trust me you’re not friends you’re best friends. You never tell lie to each other and remain honest always. 

2. You can share every little thing

If you can share anything to your friend without any hesitation no matter which type of thing it is but you tell them then you’re leading the best friendship with them.

You never keep any secrets to your best friend and tell them every little thing about your life. They know you more than yourself.

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3. You know how to solve your fights

Mainly, you both don’t fight with each other often but when you do you know better how to solve it and you don’t need any third person to solve your issues.

You both know you can’t live without each other so you both compromise instead of arguing over the same issue.

4. You argue a lot but at last, it turns in laughter

You and your friend argue a lot, you argue on every little thing, sometimes these arguments are sweet and sometimes spicy but these arguments always turn in laughter and the funniest moment, in the end, they are not only friends, actually, they are best friends.

5. Distance can’t keep you away

You and your friend are apart from distance but distance can’t stop your everlasting friendship. You may live away to each other but this is not letting your friendship weaker, in fact, you are growing with it and making it stronger. Talking for hours on phone calls and video calls united you again.

6. You laugh for no reason

Sometimes you both start laughing without any reason because you both have the same sense of humor. You’re laughing and the people around you don’t even know why! You’ve had through so many crazy experiences together and you start recollecting them that make you laugh.

best friend

7. Talking each other feels like a therapy

If you are in a bad mood and after talking to them you feel lighter than before. Best friends are better than are even better to talk than a boyfriend and a lot cheaper than costly therapy. If you’re also experiencing this feeling then you’re in the best relationship with them.

8. Understanding

If your understanding level is so high that just hearing each other’s voice is enough for you to check each other’s mood then trust me they are even best friends and also rare like a costly diamond.

Always keep them who better understand you in each situation and who never let you down in front of anybody else.

9. Their family is like your own family and vice-versa

You both don’t have different families in fact, you both treat them a family as a whole. There are no such relations that look at others, everyone is your own. You both and your families both are comfortable around each other.

10. You’re not afraid to let your worst side come out

Your best friend knows you more than yourself so you don’t have any fear of letting your worst side come out around them. There are no such secrets are hidden from them that should be a concern.

11. Supports in your hard times

 No matter whatever the situation is they’ll be always by your side if they always support you in your tough situations then trust me they are precious because everybody can be together in happiness but only a few can remain the same in difficulty.

best friend

12. Unconditional love

If you and your best friend are together for no personal reason and you love each other unconditionally then you are sharing a strong bond. You don’t treat others like friends for benefits then this is real.

13. You know they will never give up on you

When you both know that how many times you fight with each other and how good or bad you say to each other but you’ll never give on each other, this is special, keep them.

14. When you call and talk for hours but forget the reason why you called

You call each other for any urge but started talking non-stop and cut the call after talking for hours but forget to tell the reason why you called, this is the best friendship.

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15. When they don’t judge you and accept the same way you are

When you both don’t judge each other and don’t care about your past life or past experiences, they just accept you the same way as you are, they are precious. Keep them.

16. You know you’ll always be together

When you know that you both will always live together. Maybe not physically together but your hearts will never apart. Actually, best friends are those whom with you plan your complete life, your marriage, your honeymoon, your baby, everything.

Some Important Qualities of best friend forever       

1. They never let you suffer alone

When you are in any difficulty you’ll never find yourself alone if you have a true best friend. They will be with you and they won’t let you suffer alone with your problem.

2. They can’t hear anything bad behind your back

If anybody talk rots about you behind your back in front of your best friend, they won’t listen to them. They give them a frequent answer and don’t on them.

3. They never get jealous of you

They want you to get succeed in your life. They want to push forward not to pull back. They don’t feel jealous of your success.

4. They never take you for granted

They always give you the same importance as you give them. They do care a lot for you and never treat you as “taken for granted”.

5. They care for you more than themselves

They care for you a lot. They care for every little thing, they always treat you like family.

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6. Your secrets are deposited in the safest bank.

Whatever you have shared with your best friend, you just don’t need to worry about because they’ll never tell your secrets to anybody else. They keep them secure as their own.

7. They don’t care about your past life

Best friends believe in living in the present, they don’t give a damn to it because they know it’s gone and it can never change. No matter how colorful or dark your past was, they just don’t care.

8. They always motivate you

When you feel down or demotivated just go them, they will treat as the motivation pill for you. A half-hour talk with your best friend can change everything.

9. They are good listeners to your problems

If you share any problem with your best friend they will listen to it carefully maybe they can laugh after listening but will also give the best solution to your problem. They listen to all your uncompleted dreams and ever-changing crushes hundreds of times without complaining,

10. They don’t let you do crazy things alone

You and your best friend both are crazy and both are always ready to do any crazy thing. They are ready to go out with you to do all insane activities.

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