What is LOVE? Difference between Lust, Like and Infatuation

Confused among love, lust, like, attraction and infatuation? Then this post is for you, Here we’ll get to know what is love? Difference between lust, like and infatuation.

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What is LOVE?

Love is something beyond words. It can happen between persons, things, animals, nation or anything else. It’s an unbreakable trust build between each other. Words may be deceptive but their actions can’t be mistaken, they show very well about the intentions or the feelings of another person. If you found true love in your life, never ever lose it, just keep it always close to your heart.

what is love

Love is a set of feelings, emotions, believe with a strong feeling of affection, care, and dedication.

If I have to define Love in one word then I’ll say it’s SACRIFICE. If you love anyone then you start caring about their happiness more than your own happiness. If you can’t sacrifice something for them you can’t love them purely.

What is Love in more simple words

what is love
  • Love is care and concern for somebody.
  • Love is the purest form of Sacrifice.
  • Love is when the other one is happy, no matter with you or without you and you too are happy in their happiness.
  • Love is when you start making compromises just for their happiness.
  • Love is when you give them more importance than yourself.
  • Love is when you’re not together due to physical or sexual attraction, you love them because of their internal beauty.
  • Love is when you respect each other.
  • Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world that can be only felt neither it can be seen nor it can be touched. Sometimes it’s hard to define in words.
  • Love is when you want to honestly listen to their feelings and you get lost in conversations, forget about the hours passing.
  • Love always begins with an emotional attachment such as friendship.
  • Love is beyond age, height, color, weight, religion, and caste.
  • Love occurs without your awareness and without any intention. Love always must be unconditional.
  • Love always comes in your life unexpectedly, when you don’t want it.
  • Love is when you get attached to somebody and you prioritize their well-being and happiness above your own.
  • Love is when you want to meet each other’s family and friends.
  • Love is a kind of lifetime commitment to live with each other, to support each other, such as marriage or having a child.
  • Love may be the combination of above all or some of these emotions.

Another definition of love:-

Shah-Rukh-Khan Sir said-

“ Pyaar Dosti hai, Agar wo meri sabse achi dost nahi ban sakti, Toh main usse kabhi pyaar kar hi nahi sakta kyonki Dosti bina toh pyaar hota hi nahin. Simple, Pyaar dosti hai.”

“Love is friendship, If she cannot be my best friend, Then I can never truly love her because there is no love without friendship, Simple, Love is friendship.”

And even I completely agree with this because if you both can’t become best friends then how can you love each other.

Here, friendship means when you start sharing your happiness and problems with your friend without any hesitation when you trust them more than yourself when you can do anything just to make your friend smile.

what is love

What is LIKE?

Like is when you both have the same qualities or characteristics and that’s the reason you like the other person. In like, you may attract towards them due to their physical outlook or due to any other quality, you like in them.


  • In like, you find someone the same as you but in love you both may be very different and still, you love.
  • In like, you just want that thing or the person at any cost but love is completely opposite.
  • In like, it may be short-lived or temporary but love this is the permanent feeling.
  • In like, it is a kind of mere attraction but love is beyond attraction.
  • In like, you’re simply happy being with that person but loving someone means that the person is everything to you.

When you like a flower you pluck it instantly but when you love a flower you water it daily. Feel the difference, it is the major difference between Love and like.


The attraction is when you found yourself evoke to any quality, good looks, charisma or beauty of any person but we can never define love by saying attraction. The attraction may be happened because of external beauty but love always starts with internal beauty.


  • In attraction, physical looks matter to you but in love no matter how you look outside.
  • Attraction can happen any time but love is something that takes time to grow.
  • In attraction, you may like someone for a limited time, after finding new you’ll forget the old one but in love, you love the same person for the whole life without finding anybody else.
  • In attraction, you fall in love with them on their looks but in love, you fall on their talks.


Infatuation is maybe somewhere similar to the attraction. It happens where sexual attraction is strong. On the other hand, love is a strong feeling of affection, care, and concern.


  • Infatuation is when you make a commitment to satisfy your overwhelming lust but love is beyond this desire.
  • Infatuation is always conditional but true love is unconditional.
  • Infatuation is impatient, it’s a desire of being physically close to a person but love is patient, it’s a desire of being emotionally close to the one whom you love the most.
  • Infatuation is when you consider your own feelings instead of the other person but in love, there is mutual consent of both.

What is LUST?

Lust is basically a physical attraction that leads to a feeling of sexual desire due to the rush of hormones. Some people say lust is the first stage of love but that’s not true, love can never start from lust.


what is love
  • In lust, you’re totally focused on the looks and body of a person but in love, you’re busy in their talks, nature, and behavior.
  • In lust, you’re more interested in having sex but in love, you want to spend quality time together with each other, than sex.
  • In lust, there may be no real feelings but in love, there are some pure and genuine feelings.
  • In lust, you want to leave as soon as possible after sex rather than cuddling or breakfast the next morning but in love, this is the opposite.
  • In lust, you may be lovers but not friends but in love, friendship is the foremost step.

I hope you liked this article on What is love? I always try my best to give you information from the best of my knowledge and experience. Just feel the difference, express love and make your relationship more healthy, strong and long-lasting.

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Now you have taken this knowledge so let your friends know the difference between all these concepts. Kinds of LOVE will be discussed in further posts.

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Is love always means having a relationship or marriage?

No, love never means getting who you love. In fact, love is a feeling to feel. Love may lead to relationship or marriage but that’s not compulsory.

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