What is Unrequited Love?- 10 Ways to Cope-up with One-sided Feeling

Are you in unrequited love? Move on is difficult, right? Let me try to solve this problem. In this post, we will discuss what is unrequited love? – 10 ways to cope-up with a one-sided feeling.

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What is Unrequited Love?

Unrequited love or one-sided love is, Many times we have strong feelings for a person but we never tell them because we know that the person has no same feelings for us, this one-sided feeling is known as unrequited love. In this love, we don’t share our feelings because we have a fear of losing the person forever.

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6 most painful Signs of Unrequited love

Let’s have a look at the signs that we see in a person who is leading a one-sided relationship:-

1. One-sided contact

You stay in touch with them without their knowledge. You always check about the day they passed and follow up with all activities and what other things are happening in their lives. You check their dp, last seen and every little detail about them. It can be a sign of unrequited love.

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2. Prioritize them first

You always give them more importance than all other people. You can do anything for them in their one voice. You start giving considering them over all other persons.

3. You initiate communication

You always start the conversation first with the person. You send the messages, you make calls, even if they respond to them or not but you still put efforts to be in touch with them. If you always make plans to spend quality time together in means you’re leading a one-sided relationship.

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4. You constantly feel stressed out

You always seem stressed out of all these things maybe you don’t show but these things kill you inside. You want to tell them how much you love them but you can’t.

5. You always justify their actions

If the person makes any mistake or they don’t behave properly with you then you start justifying their actions. If anybody else tries to understand you but you don’t want to listen to them.

6. You apologize for things you shouldn’t

Always you apologize to the person even if you made any mistake or not. You say sorry for the things you should never be apologized for.

Unrequited love is not exactly love

One-sided love is more than love itself because it bears a lot of pain, storm of unsaid feelings and a lot more, let’s have a look:-

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One-sided love is not love. It’s torture but strength too.

One-sided love is torture itself because it’s waiting for the one who will never come is the most difficult task. It’s thinking about the person whole day and night you probably don’t think of you for a second.

It’s looking at the phone again and again and hoping they’ll call you or text you. But still, they are your strength because the love of only you is sufficient for living.

One-sided love is not love. It’s heartbreak but a reassurance too.

It’s the one person doesn’t care and the other one is in deep sadness. It’s one person moved and the other one is still there. It’s one is hoping for more and another one is avoiding. It’s one is giving and the other is taking. It’s the one is crying and the other one is laughing.

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One-sided love is not love. It’s self-destruction but loyal too.

It’s overthinking about whatever happened in the past and you both said to each other.  It’s questioning yourself every night that why don’t you move on, why do you still there, why don’t you get tired of all this stuff. But unrequited love is always loyal because you’re dedicated to that one person.

One-sided love is not love. It’s a battlefield but a commitment too.

It’s because you have to fight with your own emotions daily. You are fighting with reality. You are battling with your feelings and own intuition.

It’s just you just don’t want to believe the reality and you can’t stop this war even after losing over and over again. You know it may destroy you but still, you are in and committed for the whole life.

One-sided love is not love. It’s an obsession but also deep intimacy.

One-sided love maybe sometimes a crush or an infatuation because real love can be completed only when this is both sided and has mutual feelings. Real love is understanding and patient. It’s a wonderful journey together with all the ups and downs of life.

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It’s when you both don’t want to give up on each other, try to accept each other the same way they are and you love the worst part of each other. But it is also a deep feeling of friendship.

Unrequited love is only yours no other person has any right on your feelings.

10 Ways to cope-up with unrequited love

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1. Set high goals

The most important way is to set big goals and just try at your best to achieve them. Forget about everything remember just what you have to achieve.

2. Distract yourself

Don’t give time to yourself just keep yourself busy the whole day. Do the things that make you happy and also to the other people. Spread happiness and you may be a part of an NGO.

3. Love yourself and do self-care

Always love yourself not for the sake of yourself but at least for the sake of your family or parents. Nobody can love you more than your parents. So just take proper care of yourself.

4. Stay out

Stay out from your loneliness. Try to spend more and more time with your family and friends. Go for movies with them, picnics and many other plans.

5. Say goodbye to your feelings

Don’t give attention to your feelings, just avoid them. If you overthink the same thing again and again then it will harm only you.

6. Delete their pictures

If possible then delete their pictures and if not then please don’t stare them over and over again. If you watch their pictures then it will change nothing for you but it can put you again in deep sadness.

7. Think positive

Always think positive about your life and the people you have. Negative thoughts can ruin you completely. Keep a distance from negative people and negative thoughts, always go with positivity.

8. Give a second chance to your life

Something even better is on your way just let it enter. Don’t keep your doors close let them open to enter the right one. You may give a second chance to your life, to you and the person who loves you.

9. Never read old chats

This one little thing can destroy the whole day and it can never let you move forward. Even delete the chat if possible and if not then please don’t read it again and again.

10. Try to be happy

Just try to live happily in your life without them. Don’t feel trapped in your own feelings, try to get out of all this and start living a life outside this one-sided relationship. Always do things which give you happiness.

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One-sided love is always pure because in this love you don’t expect anything in return.

I explained whatever about unrequited love but these all things are good to listen but hard to apply and please don’t spoil and don’t stop your life for all this. Try harder to move on because it may give you happiness for a few time but the pain for whole life is sure.

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