Why Suicide Attempt is the Biggest MISTAKE of Life?

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Want to commit suicide? I’ll try to convert your mind in the right direction. Today we’ll discuss why suicide attempt is the biggest mistake of life.

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What is suicide?

Suicide means ending one’s own life. It is the act of intentionally causing your own death. It may happen due to mental disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, sadness, and other reasons. Some people attempt suicide because of stress, family problems, financial crisis, relationship problems, etc. The methods of suicides have been used the hanging, pesticides, poison, railway track, etc.

suicide attempt
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                 Terms                  Details
Normal Age 15-30 years old
Reason Depression, mental disorders, etc.
Methods Hanging, poison, pesticide
Prevention Treating mental disorders, developing interest, improving economic conditions
Who may help Psychiatrist
Deaths worldwide (every year) About 800000 people (1 person every 40 seconds)
Deaths in India About 135,000

Why Suicide Attempt is the Biggest mistake of life?

suicide attempt
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  1. Why don’t you think about your family? They taught you, they nourished you, Why? For this day? That one day you’ll commit suicide just because of any so-called relationship or whatever the reason maybe!

ALWAYS think about your family first before doing this kind of mistake. Nobody can love you more than your family, just make them your first priority too as they deem you.

2. There will be no other choice, Just think once if you end your life then there will no choice left for you but you if stay strong and try to face the problem that there is a lot of hope that the problem may solve or if not solve then at least you can move on. NEVER end your life for anyone or any reason. LIFE gives only one chance just don’t spoil it and optimize it to the fullest.


Suicide is the biggest mistake of your life and last too because after this maybe you’ll not able to do any other mistake in life. Don’t be so coward, Face the world, face the challenge, face the problems, these are the normal part and partial of life.

You just have to face them with an iron determination and always remember one thing “As long as we live we’ll have problems and the day the problem is over, understand the life is also OVER.”

Why do People commit suicide?

It is very difficult to imagine the person who has been a friend, relative or known to commit suicide. There may not any warnings before taking this step or you might not notice them. Here are many factors that convert in a decision of suicide. A thunderstorm of emotions and stress can do this. Some of the reasons are as below:-

suicide attempt

1. Depression

While there are many reasons for committing suicide, Depression is one of the most common factors of this act. It is something when a person is mentally upset and bearing a lot of emotional stress but is unable to relieve that pain. And even that person doesn’t want to share this with anybody else.

2. Mental disorder

Mental disorder is also a very common factor in committing suicide. Their minds are not stable and their mind can command them to end their own life. Here are many cases and many mental illnesses that lead to committing suicide.

3. Relationship problems

Relationship problems are also one of the most important causes for these suicide attempts because people get attached to each other and if their close friendship or any relationship comes to an end then they can’t bear the pain and decide to commit suicide.

4. Financial crisis

Many people are suffering from this problem and they become stressed out about these things like they are immersed in a lot of debt and many other situations that can only be solved with money.

5. Unemployment

This is the most popular reason for suicide attempts in India because India is a country where unemployment is at its peak. People who are unable to find a source of income become depressed and the thought of suicide comes in their mind.

6. Traumatic stress

A person who had experienced any traumatic stress or any kind of such experience including childhood sexual abuse, physical harassment, rape, etc. These things can also result as a suicide attempt because many persons are not that strong to handle all this and they quit.

7. Losing social position

Any person who belongs to a political background or any other respectable person of the society always has a fear of losing his position. And if he starts losing his position he may get stressed and this can result as a  suicidal attempt.

8. Academic failure

Most of the Teenagers take this step because of the result of their academics. If they couldn’t perform better in their academics then they start thinking that this is the last opportunity for them and they can’t do anything in life then decide to commit suicide.

9. Hopelessness

Hopelessness is the reason for suicide because people consider themselves Good for nothing and think they are just a burden on others. These kinds of thoughts compel them to take this step.

10. Chronic disease

If they are suffering from any chronic disease that can’t be cured this can also result in suicide because this disease may charge them or their family a high cost that may be unaffordable for them or any kind of unbearable pain to the person.

Some Tips to avoid this drastic thought

Let’s have a look at some “how to prevent suicide attempt” tips:-

suicide attempt
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  • Always keep yourself busy in any work.
  • Just go with the flow, Don’t overthink.
  • Be with someone (friends, family)
  • Remember you can’t predict future
  • Listen to some soft music
  • Watch movies of your choice
  • Hang out with friends
  • Forget what happened in the past
  • Concentrate on future
  • Always give your best
  • Enjoy every second of your life
  • Read biographies of some successful people
  • You may meet a psychiatrist
  • Always go for positive vibes, keep a distance from negative people

I may define these tips in another post if you want!

Suicide helplines

  • Cooj


  • Sneha India foundation


  • Roshni


More you can check here

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