Why you Start Leading a Boring Relationship?- Common Mistakes & Tips 2019

Troubling with this kind of problem? Actually, the fact is most of the couples face this problem because this is the human nature that we start getting bored after some time. There can be many reasons why you start leading a boredom relationship. You do the most common mistakes that lead your relationship in a boring direction.

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Welcome back to your own platform girlsdunia.com. I always try my best to give a piece of advice. Today we’ll discuss Why you Start Leading a Boring Relationship? and this can be a very serious issue so we’ll also discuss some tips and common mistakes you do.

Why you Start Leading a Boring Relationship?

If you keep doing things that you did at the beginning of a relationship then your relationship will never get boring. You used to tell every little thing in the start like

Wait for a minute, I just come back.”

“You used to wish good morning and goodnight first”

“You usually asked everything like where were you, how are you, why you didn’t call me or text me”

“Why you didn’t come online”

And then a time comes these all things start vanishing slowly because you start thinking why to ask the same things every time and these create differences between you and you don’t even notice.

But one thing you always say that YOU GOT CHANGED!

Why don’t you think about how he or she changed?

You must do things to keep your relationship always the same as before and even more interesting than before because new is new and old is old. Olds are always best as a saying says Old is gold.

Boring Relationship

15 Common Mistakes and Rectifications-

These common mistakes every person does in a relationship that can lead a boring relationship but you can avoid them so continue reading-

1) You don’t give time to each other as before

  • Suddenly you stop giving time to each other you don’t talk much as you used to do before.
  • You don’t tell as many things as you told before.
  • Then it starts building differences between you both.


  • You should give enough time to each other because communication is the lifeline of any relationship.
  • Tell each other everything that is necessary for her to know or you used to tell.
  • Discuss some new or different topics to make your conversation more interesting.

2) You stuck of in same issue over & over again

  • Suppose you faced an argument with each other and after talking you sorted out everything but still, you don’t forget the issue and you start affecting your relationship with it.
  • You keep on repeating that matter in your every argument and you start increasing gaps.


  • If you have sorted your issue, then just forget it and stop affecting your relationship.
  • Don’t repeat it over and over again this will help to decrease your gaps.
Boring Relationship

3) Fall in emotional intimacy

  • When you stop sharing your problems with each other it is a sign that your emotional intimacy is falling.
  • You don’t talk about your personal problems as you used to tell before or you just stopped showing your emotions.


  • If you love each other then, you can share each and every problem or feel with each other so don’t stop sharing them.
  • Try to build this intimacy once again and share everything that you want to.

4) You forget to flirt

  • You flirted a lot when it was the beginning of relationship or friendship but as of now, you stopped doing this.
  • This will make her feel that you’re not interested in her anymore and you have got bored with her.


  • Try to figure out what she actually wants and then just take action accordingly.
  • Keep the same interest in the relationship and make it alive once again.

5) You don’t send romantic text messages

  • You used to send many romantic text messages but as of now you stopped all of them then it is obvious she’ll feel bad and hurt.
  • Now you have stopped showing love via messages or anything else this will make your relationship bored.


  • Start sending such messages once again and start showing your love to make your relationship better than before.

6) You don’t give surprises anymore

  • When you stop giving surprises to your partner as you used to give before she may feel like you are becoming bored with her.
  • Surprises can make your relationship interesting and you stopped them, this will definitely create a problem in your relationship.


  • You should plan some exciting surprises for her and if you can’t do much then just go to her and spend some time with her. If she really loves you then your time is sufficient for her.

7) You don’t go on night dates

  • You often scheduled some regular dates with her but now you don’t go anywhere with her, this will make your relationship dull and boring


  • Find some new places to visit make time for each other and go outside to hang out.
  • Night dates are the most romantic dates you may go for it and you can keep your relationship healthy.

8) You don’t express your feelings

  • After some time passed you stop expressing your feelings to each other whether it is your love feeling or any emotional feeling.
  • You don’t express what you feel. You keep it with yourself and start assuming things. Assumptions can ruin your relationship completely.


  • Don’t stop expressing your feelings with your partner. Tell her how much you love them and what others you feel for them.
  • Expressing feelings will help you to keep your relationship healthy and strong forever.

9) You don’t show interest or ask questions

  • When she shares something but you don’t give any satisfying response to her talks because you don’t feel them interesting.
  • You don’t cross-question to her that can show your interest in her.


  • When a girl shares something with you especially her problems then trust me you are special for her, damn special so don’t show your disinterest to her.
  • Try to listen to her carefully and ask some questions regarding the issue she is telling.
Boring Relationship

10) You forget to notice the SILENCE of your partner

  • When your partner is not saying something or she is saying things but actually she is not as same as she should be then it is very harmful to your relationship.
  • Silence can ruin your relationship because arguments are always better than silence.


  •  Always notice the silence of a person because silence is worse than arguing so never take it lightly.
  • Try to talk to her and to know the matter. Understand her and pacify her with love.

11) You start picking unnecessary arguments

  • When start having arguments and they are just increasing day by day. They can make you feel bored with each other.
  • And if you are having arguments that don’t lead to love and in fact they are leading to anger or ego then they are completely unhealthy.


  • Stop arguing like small kids and start behaving mature and think about why you were together.
  • Try to solve your fights with love and just deal with them with a better understanding of things.

12) You don’t try some new things

  • There are many new things to try and you both can go together but you don’t go because you may have time issues or many others.


  • Go to a new coffee shop and spend time.
  • Go for something more interesting that can keep you interested in your relationship.

13) You don’t care about your differences

  • You are going away from each other and these gaps are increasing day by day but still, you are not noticing them or maybe you don’t care.


  • Try to pamper her, care for her, think nobody can love you more than her, so keep her with utmost possible care. Remove your gaps.
  • If you can’t make it as before then leave.

14) You start daydreaming about somebody else

  • This is the worst phase that comes in any relationship when you feel more excited for anybody else than your partner. This thing can make your relationship boring and even it can end your relationship.


  • The only solution for this is whether to stop thinking about any other person or to get broke up with your partner.
Boring Relationship

15) When you don’t want to fix things

  • Obviously, it will create boringness between you because when you don’t care about what is happening and you don’t want to fix them back then how can a relationship run successfully.


  • If there is any misunderstanding then try to clear it out and make your love the same as before and if you don’t want to live then you should break up.


Breaking up any relationship is never been a good thing because if your nails grow long then you cut nails not your finger, this is also the same case if misunderstandings grow then cut them not the relationship itself.

But if you have done everything, tried a lot to make things alright and still you’re suffering a lot in a relationship and you don’t value each other then it is ok to get yourself out of all this.


1 Spend time with each other, go for movies, coffee shops and wherever you both like.

2. Try to take interest in each other’s hobbies.

3. Tell each other time to time how much you love and what value you carry in each other’s life.

4. Don’t get bored, keep interested in each other, make it happen, don’t run a boring relationship.

Bonus Tip-

You may establish your career goals together

This may be very interesting and full of commitment. Establish some career goals, financial goals with each other. This will help you to keep in touch always. You may build your career together because two minds can work better than a single mind.

Best relationships always bring out the good in you. All relations are not perfect but healthy relations bring you up not down. Always love your partner. I hope you liked the article on “Why you Start Leading a Boring Relationship?- Mistakes & Tips in 2019”. I always try my best to give you a piece of advice, just follow the steps of rules for the relationship, express love and make your relationship healthy, strong and evergreen.

Let me know what problem you’re facing in your relationship whether you’re a girl or boy and do you like the information shared by me by commenting below. If there is any mistake or if you want to give any feedback then comment below.

Thank you very much for giving me your precious time for reading this article, see you soon in my next article till then Keep loving keep supporting keep sharing! Have a wonderful day.

Now you have taken this knowledge about why people change so let your friends improve their relationship better so share this with them.

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